About OWA Events

Welcome to the OWA Network Events Center.

The OWA has tradition dating back to 1992. First created and operated during the old school dial-in BBS system, it eventually transitioned to a limited national stated using the Imagination Network. In 1995, it exploded onto the Internet and became a sensation. The majority of wrestlers that passed through the OWA were loyal from day one to the folding of the federation.

In the tradition of the OWA, the OWA Network has decided to bring back four of the OWA’s premiere events and open it up to any participant from any federation. Those four events are:

  1. Caged Fury (Think of it as a cross between War Games and the Royal Rumble)
  2. Press Your Luck (Tournament setting with a twist that involves a flip of a coin)
  3. The Wheel of Torture Tournament (Tournament Setting where each matches stipulations are decided by the spin of a wheel)
  4. The Highway to Hell (formerly called Endurance’s Evil Challenge; matches involved tag team, singles, four corner’s match and the final is held inside a steel cage.)


Participation is key.

Leading up to the event there will be three magazine style shows called the Gospel Truth that includes promos/vignettes, matches that highlight each participant and commentary. Caged Fury revolves around a single match, so other feds may be invited to participate with matches to fill out the card.

Winners of each event will be determined by participation, quality over quantity promos and over all booking of the event.

Registration is will open a month prior to the first episode of The Gospel Truth, which will debut about a month prior to the actual event. If you registered for a prior event, you do not need to register again. Just drop us a note that you want to participate in the upcoming event and we will make it happen.