Conspiracy Theories and Delusional Dolls

November 5th, 2018
Hollywood, CA

The streets are filled with the remnants of Halloween as litter and debris float down the street as the wind blows through. Anaquin Adams walks down the street and occasionally stops to sign an autograph here and there as she is recognized. She has seen the video that Brit Anders has submitted and she just had to smirk at the attempt of the Doll to get under her skin. Unfortunately for Anders, it will take far more from the wanna-be champ to rile up the Universal Superstar.

The camera focuses on Adams as she enters a store, now clearing out their Halloween gear. As she walks through the store, a clerk asks her if she needs any help — then looks awkwardly at the camera that is following her. “I’m just browsing to see if there’s anything I need for next year.” The clerk nods her head and then slowly looks at the camera again and then steps out of view.

“Poor Brit Anders,” she says aloud as she continues to browse through some of the items on clearance. “You see, I believe in UFOs, I believe in little green space aliens. But you are reaching if you think there’s some conspiracy theory revolving my win at the Cup.” She pulls out a trident sitting next to a devil costume and she turns to look at the camera, “You tried to cheat because you know that you cannot beat the Universal Superstar. You know that it would take you cheating in order to get your hand raised over my own. You’re a cheater. You may as well just come on out and say it, rather than deny what the cameras and the fans saw you do.”

Anaquin grins as she shrugs, “It’s okay. I get it. You know you’re outmatched and outclassed by the one and only Universal Superstar.” She places the trident back on the shelf as she turns back to her shopping, “It’s okay to know when you’re in way over your head. So far over, that you have to rely on tactics and cheap shots to win. But you see as you claim that the Honors Championship is  yours, that in itself proves once and for all how delusional you are. ”

She pulls out a long black cape and places it over her shoulders to check the fit. “What you fail to see is that while you were gone, another female has stepped forward to become the alpha in this company and you are left out in the rain. You want your spot back, well, all you have to do is come and beat me. Until then, you’re just going to have to sit back and watch as I do what it is that I do best and be the very best this company has to offer. What was my ranking? Number one. Where were you? Not above me. When Horror in the Hills comes and you and I get into the ring across from each other one more time, the end result will be the same. The Honors Championship firmly secured around my waist and my hand raised high in the air as you look up at me in shock that I defeated you one, two and three.”

She walks over and places the cape on the counter as she adds a few other items to the pile as the clerk begins to ring up the purchase.

“Brit Anders. Your spoiled little girl act is getting old. Why don’t you stop your whining and moaning and come fight me woman to woman at Horror and we can see who is the best woman on the roster.  I promise you this, just as it was at the Cup, I will put you in your place.”

“Ma’am, it’s twenty one dollars even.”

Anaquin smiles at the clerk and pulls some cash out of her pocket as she places it into the clerk’s hand and soon her things are placed into a bag and she’s heading out the door. She turns back to the camera.

“Once thing you can count on Anders, the horror of Horror on the Hill will be when you wake up from Hell’s Hammer and see me standing high over you holding the title over my head as the fans acknowledge my win. That — that will be your very worst nightmare.”

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