The Case of Good News/Bad News – September 11, 2018

September 8th, 2018
Denver, CO

Now that Emily Falls had been dealt with and everything that had been on my mind was laid out on Mile High Wrestling TV, I’m feeling much better about the trajectory of my career. Especially so when that phone call came earlier telling me that my request of a Throwdown Championship match had been approved. It will be myself against Azurine Vebbins for the Throwdown Championship.

It was a start. My merch still wasn’t selling, my name still wasn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But, this was a start.

And this week, I’m in a tag team match with the King of Coke Mountain, Tyke Index and we are going to fight Abi Rose — that glorified YouTube star and Ms. Throwdown herself, Azurine Vebbins. This will most definitely be a precursor to Sin City Spectacular. Not only will we win Thursday, I’m going to beat Azurine at the PPV and snatch that title from around her waist.

Sin City, be prepared to meet your new queen.


September 10, 2018

Paul had certainly put Jansen through the paces during training. It was Monday and they had taken a couple of days off to rest and rejuvenate. However, from the moment she woke up until now, he had really put her through the paces.

“That Throwdown Championship ain’t gonna wrap itself around your waist, Myrrh! Get your ass in gear.”

“You ain’t sweating enough. Push it harder!”

“Azurine Vebbins is going to dance circles around you at this pace. You gonna let that modern day June Cleaver with her tear away daily calendar ruin your destiny?”

“Cut the crap, Myrrh! Start over!”

He was really giving it to her when she finally just fell back on the floor and panted.

“C’mon, Myrrh. Look, I know I’m being hard on you but you have three weeks to get ready for your first championship match. If you fail, who knows when the next come comes around.”

Jansen struggles to get up into a seated position and nods, “Look, I get it. I’m doing the best I can. Trust me, I want to beat that marble-mouthed twit just as much as you want me to beat her and I am not going to walk out of Sin City Spectacular without the Throwdown Championship.”

An alert sounds on Paul’s phone and he pulls it out of his pocket and reads the message. He looks a little confused by it and so he stares at it a bit longer.

Jansen just watches him, “Well, what is it?”

Paul continues to stare at the message before he finally answers her. “I’m being invited back to Indianapolis.”

Jansen finally gets to her feet as she struggles up and walks over, “What do you mean? They know you’ve retired.”

“Yeah,” he says. “They don’t want me to wrestle. They want to induct me into their Hall of Fame.”

Jansen blinks and then looks at the phone, “That’s great! Isn’t it?”

Paul nods his head, “I mean, yeah. It’s great. I just never expected anything like this before.”

Jansen pats him on the back, “Look, you had a great career. You deserve it, a hundred percent. They wouldn’t offer it if they didn’t mean it. You definitely had a Hall of Fame worthy career. And I’ll come make sure you have support.”

She hands the phone back to Paul as he grins, “Great. Alright. Back to work.”

Jansen is about to complain when he gets another text. “What now?”

Paul is just as confused as her as he looks at the message and this time that grin goes away quick. “Shit.” He shakes his head and looks at her, “I need to go for a bit. Can you finish up here on your own? No. Bullshit. I need to get out of here for a bit.”

“Everything alright?”

Paul just shakes his head, “No. I’ll meet up with you in the morning.”

Jansen just nods as she watches Paul leave the gym. “What was that?” she asks before she finally turns back to her workout.


“So, I have to team up with Tyke Index to face the YouTube flunky, Abi Rose and the future ex-Throwdown Champion, Azurine Vebbins. First of all, what the hell? How am I supposed to have a match when no one speaks any damned English? Secondly, number 7? I’m number 7 in the rankings now?”

“I’m undefeated. I’ve put out the biggest star since the inception of Mile High Wrestling. Hell, I should be ranked higher for just having to get into the ring TWICE with Emily Falls. Are you kidding me?”

” Tyke Index was a bad ass at one time. Now he walks around here like he has no clue where he’s at most days. Don’t we have a drug policy here? For real. This guy is a walking delusion and you’re going expect me to team with this moron? Fine. I get it. But then across the ring from me is little miss foo-foo, Abi Rose. Her claim to fame is to be ranked #5,231 as a YouTube “star”? Why am I fighting a YouTube star? I promise you this, if I get into the ring with Miss Rose, I’ll put her out. I feel this is a mockery of a match and that whoever is putting these matches together are trying to keep me down. Well, it isn’t going to work. You can put me in the ring with the 5,000 YouTube stars that rank higher than Abi Rose and I’ll beat them all!”

“And that brings me to Miss National Worldwide Day herself, Azurine Vebbins.”

“You know what annoys me the most? Everyday there’s some day for something trivial. National Cinnamon Toast Crunch day, Worldwide Hug a Hippo Day, Continental Cream Cheese on a Stick Day. It’s all bullshit, Azurine! No one cares! No one! But go ahead and do you little daily tweet about National Drink Grape Soda Through A Straw day tomorrow, or Make Friends With A Slug Day the day after.”




“When Thursday come and you finally get a taste of what it’s like to be in the ring with me, it’ll be Bad Luck Day for Azurine because whether it’s you or your new pal Abi Rose, one of you is going to be staring at the lights or tapping out. I’m going to show you exactly why I am going to be the new Throwdown Champion when Sin City Spectacular comes.”

“As they like to say in Vegas, you can’t beat the house. And you can’t beat Jansen Myrrh.”


Later That Night

Paul wanders into a pub and takes a seat at the bar.

“Gimme two shots.”

The bartender pulls out two shot glasses and sets them on the counter. “Shots of what?”

Paul reaches back for his wallet and pulls out his charge card and lays it on the counter. “Whatever you have that is the most expensive. Keep them coming.”

The bartender turns for a moment and glances at his selection and pulls out a bottle and begins to pour, “Celebrating?”

Paul stares at the two shot glasses for a long moment, “It’s been a good news, bad news kind of day.”

He picks up one of the two glasses and raises it up. “Here’s to you, Johnny.  Gonna be missed, buddy.”

He takes the shot as the scene fades.