The Case of the Unbearable Beast of Burden – September 3 2018

Following Good Times
August 30, 2018

They stayed long enough to watch the main event on the locker room monitors before they headed out into the New Orleans air. Paul gets an alert on his phone. “Well, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. Which do you want first?” the large man asked as they climb into their rented SUV.

Jansen buckles herself in and she shrugs, “Bad news, I guess?”

Paul starts up the vehicle, “The Academy show is being postponed for a bit. Not sure how long just yet, but we have some extra time to get you ready for Dynamo.”

As they drive out of the parking lot, Jansen scoffs, “Like I need more time to get ready for her.”

“Look, I know you have beef, but she’s the real deal. You can’t just go in there and expect to beat someone like her without working for it. And don’t get bent out of shape. I’m not saying you can’t beat her because if I thought you couldn’t beat her, I wouldn’t let you fight her. At least not until you were ready.  She just won some title over in Portland so she’s got some momentum. We need to find a way to stop it.”

Jansen stews for a few minutes, “Fine. And the good news then?”

“Well, I lied. There ain’t no good news. You gotta fight Emily Falls again next week.”

“WHAT!? I just beat that bitch?!?”

“Don’t get all bent out of shape…”

Jansen interrupts, “You said that already! Don’t get bent out of shape! This is what I’m talking about! I am not getting any respect around here or anywhere! I beat Falls and now I have to beat her again? What in the hell?! I really just put her down…

“It’s a no disqualification match.”

“Wait, what?”

“No DQ.”

Jansen is quiet again as she is obviously taking in this piece of information. “No disqualification?”

Paul grins as he nods, “And I know just where this is going to go.”

“Well, I’m not getting into the ring with her until she comes out and tells everyone that Candi Bratton is the worst wrestler she’s ever seen.”


September 3, 2018


As Jansen Myrrh enters her room after her long workout today, she grabs a towel to wipe down her sweaty face and she steps into the bathroom to run a shower. When she finishes, she puts her robe on and she walks into the main room and sits down on the bed as she brushes through her hair before pulling it back into a ponytail and falls back onto the bed.

It’s been a rollercoaster the last several weeks. What she is really enjoying is that folks are starting to take notice of her. Samantha Hamilton has taken notice. Solomon Cain has taken notice. It actually feels really good. But, there should be more. The removal of Candi Bratton from Mile High Wrestling should have warranted something more.  Instead, for most, it’s business as usual and now it’s time to make the others stand up and take notice.

Not only Mile High Wrestling, but Rose City as well.

Kem Dynamo thinks they’d formed some sort of kinship after teaming up one time. I decide to do what it takes to get through Tacy and she has the gall to judge. As if she wouldn’t do the same to take revenge if someone had done something to a friend of hers. So, if that’s how it’s gonna be, that’s how it’s gonna be and Kem will see once and for all not to be so damned judgemental.

She changes out of her robe and pulls one of her barcode t-shirts and calls Paul into her room before turning on her video feed. She has a few things to get off her chest.


Paul looks into the camera, “Well, Good Times have come and gone and what did I say all along? My client, Jansen Myrrh was going to put that little insect, Emily Falls, into the ground. Humiliated. You see, you can’t anticipate what you don’t expect and no one expected that the legendary Biff Franklin would come by and pass on the secret of the Franklin Spike to Miss Myrrhder.  So, what you need to understand is that now, Jansen Myrrh is far more of a threat to everyone on the Mile High and the Rose City roster than anyone could ever have realized.”

“And this week will be no different, Emily Falls. You see, for whatever reason, management must enjoy watching you get your ass handed to you on a weekly basis. They went and put you in a match with my client with a no disqualification stipulation. Are you freaking kidding me, Mile High? Do you want to load the weapon while you’re at it because what you have done is give my client a license to end Emily Falls once and for all, just like that has been — Candi Bratton.”

Paul turns off screen and Jansen turns the phone to face her now as she begins to speak.

“So, Emily Falls. What was it that Candi Bratton called you? Oh, that’s right. Emily Fails. Because isn’t that what you do week in and week out?”

“So, now you have to admit in front of the world that your hero was nothing more than a washed-up wanna be. And then to add insult to injury, then you have to get back in the ring with me. You must have pissed someone off in management. They enjoyed the beating I gave you at Good Times that they want to it to happen one more time and this time they’re gonna let me do it however I want?”

“Look, Emily. You’ve got some type of talent. I’m not going to lie. The problem is, your talent isn’t at all in wrestling. It’s just in barfing. So, why don’t you take some advice. Find a tag team partner who has so much more ability than you. The only way you’re going to make it in this business is to ride someone else’s coattails.”

“But that’s providing you can still walk after this Thursday’s Throwdown. Perhaps after this week, you can go do physical therapy with your hero, Candi Bratton.”

“Do yourself a favor, Falls. Stay home. Play dolls with your husband and stay as far away from the arena as possible.”

She turns to look at Paul who nods and the feed gets cut.