Tattoo Two – Tattoo Too – August 29, 2018

Five Years Ago
New Orleans, LA

Janelle and her fiance Geoff probably weren’t intending to, but they most certainly make this as awkward for Anaquin as they possibly could.

Janelle and Anaquin had been friends forever and on-again and off-again lovers for just as long. It was never anything serious, and most certainly nothing exclusive. It was more from convenience.

The day prior, Janelle had shown off her engagement ring and said they wanted to meet with her in regards to where things stand and Anaquin wasn’t sure where this conversation was going to go.  And by the time the conversation was over, she certainly hadn’t expected it to go in that direction. As she stepped out of the hotel room, she paused and leaned against the wall and exhaled. After a moment had passed, she turned and headed towards the elevator and pushed the button towards the first floor.

She needed something to drink.

The elevator ride down was long, drawn out and driving her nuts as she gripped the hotel room key in her hand. With each stop on the way down, she smiled politely to those entering and exiting the elevator, but she didn’t find her breath until she saw those doors open and she saw the hotel lobby.

She ordered three shots and downed them in quick fashion, taking only a brief pause to allow the sting of each one to touch her tongue and the burning sensation to reach her belly. Between each shot, she eyed the room key lying on the bar.  When she finished, she paid the bartender and then walked back to the lobby.

She could either drop the key off at the desk or go back upstairs as she was invited.

As she stood there like an idiot, she could feel the liquor sitting in her gut. Her eyes moved from the elevator to the desk and back again before she finally made her decision.


Two Years Ago

It had been three years since she saw her friend Janelle.

She was heading towards the next town when she heard a sound coming from her phone. A Facebook alert. She didn’t think much of it as she headed down the road to the next town.  She arrived a few hours later, checked into her hotel and had taken a shower before she finally plopped on the bed and reached for her phone.

“New Friend Request from Janelle Aster”

The memories of three years prior flooded her mind. She’d mostly blocked it all out of her mind, but now the feelings were working their way back as she realized she was biting down on her lip. She swiped her phone and the app opened up. Her thumb hovered over Accept then over to Decline then back again. She spent a great deal of time agonizing over what to do when she finally accepted the request.

She hit the button on her screen and set her phone down with almost immediately another ding sounded and she picked it up again.

“Janelle Aster: Talk?”

She opened up her phone again and answered.


When her phone rang, she answered and the conversation that followed lasted several hours as Janelle shared what had been going on in her life since the last time they were together. Anaquin did the same. When the conversation was over, Anaquin hung up the phone and knew in her heart of hearts, she had made the right decision.


Earlier Today

Anaquin Adams’ phone alerted her to a Tweet that she had been tagged in from none other than her opponent at Good Times, Tyke Index. Anaquin narrowed her eyes as she opened it up. She had expected to hear from him at least once more before the show tomorrow and when she saw the Tweet, things she hadn’t felt for a very long time surfaced.

And then she was angry.

The first thing she did was call to verify the story. That this wasn’t some stunt put together by Tyke Index to get into her head before their match.

Suddenly, her phone was ringing again and she saw who it was.


She declined the call and left her room.

She headed to the arena.

When she arrived, there were some wrestling press there who immediately bombarded her about the story.

“First, let me say that my personal life is my own. My personal life. I have never discussed my personal life in the history of my wrestling career. However, since this has been made public I will make one statement and only one.”

“The shoddy reporting on this story — or shall I used a commonly used term nowadays “fake news” that was released earlier today is just that. Fake.”

“I never — not one time, ever had any relations with any person who cheated on their spouse.”

She paused as if deciding how to exactly word this. “The person in question was a friend. However, that friendship has waned in the last few years. If that person spoke out for this particular article, that person was misleading the reporter as to the extent of the relationship. To say that I in any way encouraged anyone to cheat on their spouse is a lie.”

“Tomorrow night, I go one on one with Tyke Index the FORMER HcW World Champion. It’s very plain that Mr. Index has decided that he needed to stoop to whatever level possible in order to get into my head and I promise you that will not be the case. As I stated in my response to his very personal attack, my mind is clear, my heart is pure and my body is ready to not only battle him to the fullest extent but to defeat him and show him just how ready I am. I am not the California Wrestling Division Honors Champion for nothing. I would hope that next time a reporter wants to report on my past, I would at least get a courtesy call and ask for my side of the story, which is not what happened here.”

“I hope that clears things up and you all enjoy Good Times tomorrow.”


The Night Before Good Times

“Tyke Index. I have to give you at least a little credit. You almost had me.”

“What you don’t know is that whatever happens in my personal life, I do as I do in the ring. I do it with honor. Am I perfect? Not in any sense of the word. I am far from perfect. But I don’t go out of my way to cause anyone any hurt or pain. So spread all the rumors you like, just understand that there’s nothing to be found. Nothing.”

“Call me judgemental if you like, but I’m not. You are welcome to live your life as you please. Do as you please. That doesn’t mean for one moment that I agree or approve of your lifestyle. But it’s not my lifestyle.  I live my life and you live your own. You see, when I accepted your challenge, I had hoped to meet the Tyke Index that defeated Taurus for the HCW World Championship. The Tyke Index that defeated Taurus in a last man standing rematch. The Tyke Index that defeated Hammerstein. The Tyke Index that gave a hundred and ten percent in each and every match and went undefeated for several months in 2018. Instead, I fear that the Tyke Index that I’m going to get is a shell of the former.”

“What you have done, Tyke Index is awaken the lioness in me. Now, you have to deal with an angry Anaquin Adams. This Universal Superstar is now refocused and ready for you. The question you have to ask yourself now is if you are truly ready for me.  Hell’s Hammer or the Space Lock. One of those moves will be your downfall at Good Times and as with every tweet you give, promising yourself that it will be good times, I promise you one thing. It will be anything but Good Times for Tyke Index.”