Tattoo Me – Tattoo You – August 26, 2018

5 Years Ago
Electric Lady Tattoo – New Orleans

The familiar buzzing sound of tattoo needles fill the shop as Anaquin Adams is sitting in the chair as the artist is going to work on finishing up her sleeve that has been a year in the making. Everytime she would come into town, she would come in and add more to it and finally, she she was about to have it done.

At this point in her life, Adams was four years in as a professional wrestler, having forsaken her original calling as a nurse and eventually to be a doctor, when she was selected as this generation’s Universal Superstar. The flash, the glitz, the colors were not yet part of her persona. But this tattoo was important to her. Each smaller design on this sleeve was an important representation of something that meant something to her whether others were aware of it or not.

“How are you doing?” the artists asks as he stops tattooing for a brief moment to change colors.

Anaquin just grins, “I’m doing great. How about you? You need a break?” She had been there for hours. She had wrestled the night before and she got up as soon as the shop had opened and was in the chair shortly after. She really wanted this finished. This was her fifth time in the chair and she had gotten used to the pain of the needle digging into her skin.

“I think we’re just about done,” he finally says as he begins to place needle to skin once again as the bell of the shop rings out. Through the curtain comes Anaquin’s best friend and sometimes lover, Janelle. Anaquin’s relationships never really ever developed into full-blown relationships. They were typically on-again, off-again type situations. Gender was never an issue for her, growing up she had boyfriends and girlfriends, but if there was one person who she could count on to always be there for her, it was Janelle.

Even in high school, they were inseparable. However, the traveling and the wrestling had made it far more difficult for them to spend quality time together so Anaquin had invited Janelle to New Orleans.

They spent yesterday together doing some shopping and then to the wrestling show. This morning, Anaquin got up to come to the tattoo shop and after a strange phone call, Janelle said she’d come by after a bit. After a bit turned into several hours and to be honest, Anaquin was starting to worry so she was relieved when Janelle showed up at the shop.

“Oh my God, that looks amazing!” Janelle exclaims as she moves in to take a look at the near finished tattoo. “I have to admit, when you told me you wanted to get tattooed, I never imagined that you would. You were always so…”

Anaquin narrows her eyes at her friend, “So what…?”


“Oh, shut up,” Anaquin snarks as they both laugh.

“Hold still, please,” advises the artist as he stops for a moment.

“Sorry,” they both respond. Something shiny catches Anaquin’s eye and her attention is drawn away as she spies what it was, glancing up at her friend, “What in the world is that on your finger?”

Busted, Janelle holds out her hand and on her finger is a decently sized engagement ring. “Remember that guy I told you I was kinda seeing…”

Anaquin pauses before she answers, “Yeah.”

“Well, he came by today and well…” Janelle just grins, “I’m getting married!”

There’s a few different emotions that flash across the face of Anaquin Adams before she takes a look at the face of sheer joy on her friend and she finally smiles, “Congratulations. I’m so very happy for you. I hadn’t realized it was that serious.”

“Well, I didn’t want to say anything until I knew for certain. He called today saying he was in town and wanted to meet. He just popped the question.” She hadn’t seen her friend so giddy in forever so it was all Anaquin could do to be happy for her friend.

“So, does he know about us?” Anaquin asks.

Janelle glances at the artist for a moment and then turns back to Anaquin, nodding. “We had that talk too. And there’s something I need to talk to you about. Later.” In private, she meant so Anaquin just nods. “Okay. No problem.”

Janelle touches Anaquin on the other shoulder and smiles, “Don’t worry. I think you’re gonna like what I have to say. I’m gonna step next door and grab something to eat.”

Anaquin nods her head as she watches her friend leave. The artist is finishing up when Anaquin interjects, “There’s one more thing I’d like you to add here, if that’s okay.”


Last Week
California Wrestling Division
Wrestling Clinic #8

It had been a long time coming, but Anaquin Adams had done what others felt she couldn’t and she was now the Honors Champion. She walked down the hallway towards the dressing room, sweat and blood mingled into her hair as she pushes the door open and walks up to the mirror. She was tired, exhausted really. She felt every minute of that match and Talia Areano was no joke and Anaquin knew that she would be coming for the Honors Championship very very soon.

At least this time around, Anaquin had a fair shake. No interference from friends. It felt good. Perhaps even more so than when she won the Pure Championship during her HCW run. She really wasn’t herself during that time and this time she was thinking far more clearly so this win means so much more.

The same is going to apply to her match coming up with Tyke Index.


Earlier Today
Electric Lady Tattoo – New Orleans

Anaquin walks into the tattoo shop from five years ago and is immediately recognized.

“It’s you!” the same artist comes from behind the counter to greet the wrestler who smiles in return. “The hair is different, but the face. I never forget a face. Need a touch up? Been a long time.”

Anaquin smiles, shaking her head. “Nothing like that. I was thinking of something more significant and since I’m in town for a show, thought I’d stop by.” Anaquin opens up her phone and flips through a few photos when one of her friend Janelle happened by. “I remember her too,” commented the artist. “Was gonna get married. That ever happen?”

“Yes, she got married. I assume she’s happy.” And honestly, assumption was all she had as she hadn’t heard from Janelle in nearly four years. Things got a little dicey and they just never spoke again.

Anaquin spent some time there and then scheduled an appointment before leaving the shop.


“So, Tyke Index. The King of Coke Mountain, is that what you call yourself?”

The green hair of Anaquin Adams is seen in the promo before she turns around and lets out a shout.

“You and I have some unfinished business, my friend.” She wasn’t using that word as a term of endearment. Not in the least. The CWD Honors Championship is around her waist. “You see, you and I had a match in HCW that was not the match I had in mind. My mind was a little cloudy and my heart was darkened by the action of someone else. But you see, I am here. I am back and I am one hundred percent ready to finally take you to the limit. To the top of that mountain, if you prefer. But you see, while you are the king of your mountain, I rule the galaxies and beyond.”

“I have traveled the globe taking on all challengers. RJ Mitchell. Itsumi Hayashi. Stacy DeVille. The best this business has to offer. And again we come first circle. From that moment you and I met in the locker room and you taunted me with your Pure Championship and I told you I was coming for it, you made light of it. Of me. I hope that you aren’t making light of me now. Or taking me too lightly because you see when the haze dissolves, and the hangover sets in for you don’t think for one moment that the effects have anything to do with the abuses you have put yourself through.”

“You see, the hangover will be the result of Hell’s Hammer. When I leap off that turnbuckle and drive my knee into your forehead and you feel your spirit leaving your body, heading towards the stratosphere. I promise you that the trip you take will far exceed any synthetic trip you may have taken in your numerous attempts to get there. And when your spirit returns to your body and you wake to realize that you have been defeated by the Universal Superstar, understand that you only have yourself to blame.”

“And while I hate to come in on your own turf and put your shoulders to the mat, let’s be very clear, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. When I go on to my next challenge, it’ll be up to you just exactly how you’re going to pick up the pieces of your career and move forward.”

“For you see, Tyke Index. Your time has come.”