The Case of the Princess of California – August 17, 2018

July 16, 2018
Magness Arena
Immediately Following Jansen’s Segment

Jansen Myrrh and Paul Banter enter the backstage area, bypassing a few additional medical personnel who are bringing the stretcher down to ringside for Candi Bratton. As the duo walk down the hall, seemingly congratulating themselves, they bump into Jordan Hagen.

Jordan Hagen: Jansen Myrrh, you and your new manager, Paul Banter have made quite the statement tonight. I will admit that was a little uncomfortable to watch.

Jansen Myrrh: Uncomfortable?!

Paul Banter places a hand on her shoulder.

Paul Banter: I got this. Look, Hagen. What happened out there with Bratton tonight was personal. It was between her and my client. My client just chose to make it very public. If you see Candi Bratton around these parts again, it’ll be in a wheel chair.

Jansen Myrrh: Damn straight.

Jordan Hagen: So, what’s next for Jansen Myrrh?

Paul Banter: Whoever management — or whoever is left of management — decides to put in my client’s path, I assure you they will be dealt with. My client has championship aspirations and I aim to help her achieve those goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hamilton, Bullet or Skrabz. You see, they have had it easy until now and once my client gets it into her head that she wants one of them championship belts around her waist, it’s only a matter of time.

Jansen Myrrh just nods her head as she places a hand on Big Paul’s shoulder.

Paul Banter: As for her immediate future, it seems that one Emily Falls has taken exception to how we chose to dismantle Candi Bratton. If Miss Falls wants to, she’s more than welcome to step up to my client and end up on the same path as your less than esteemed former Mile High Champion.

Jordan Hagen: Anyone else on your immediate radar for Jansen?

Paul Banter: It doesn’t really matter who they put in her path. Mosh. Ripley. Bentley. Falls. Some sort of phony Rock God. Let me tell you something, you’d just see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jansen Myrrh. She has wrestling in her blood. This is what she was meant to do and she’s played it nice from the very start. I know a few of her so-called friends such as Kem Dynamo have spoken out publicly about their disappointment in my client’s new path and if Dynamo has an issue with my client, she’s more than happy to explain it to her in painfully graphic detail on one of the next Rose City shows.

Jansen Myrrh: Thanks for all of your support, Kem. Traitor! And you know what else? No one here is going to cry for Candi Bratton. No one here liked her. No one here respected her. They called her old. They called her a cheat. No one felt she should be the face of this company. No one came down to help that old bitty tonight. No one except the Barf Queen, Emily Falls and that’s because that chick is crazy and desperate for friends. Bratton latched on to her and used her until Falls quit and now she’s back. She still thinks that Bratton is her friend. Don’t be do damned naive, Emily Falls. You’re a damn loser. If you get in my business again, I’m gonna put you down just like I put down Candi Bratton tonight. So, to everyone on the Mile High Roster… you’re welcome!

Paul Banter: Now if you’ll excuse us, I’m gonna go talk to the general manager to see who she’s going to sacrifice to Miss Myrrhder here next week on Thursday Throwdown.

As they start to move by Jordan, Myrrh grabs the microphone.

Jansen Myrrh: Get well soon, Candi Bratton!

July 17, 2018
4:45 AM
Denver, CO

There’s a loud banging on the door of Jansen’s hotel room. It startles her as she sits up in her bed, taking a moment to try and figure out what’s going on before she places her feet on the plush carpeting and grabs her robe, wrapping it around her tightly as she walks to the door and peeks out of hole to see her manager standing outside.

She takes a moment before she hears, “Yeah, I see you there. Open the damn door!”

She unhooks the lock and pulls the door open.

“Get your workout gear on, we have a Princess to train for.”

“Right. Give me a few.”

The door closes behind her as she walks over and steps into the bathroom, flicking on the lightswitch and squinting. The memories of yesterday flashing through her brain as she places her hand on the counter and looks at herself in the mirror.

Is this the road she wants to take? Some nobody on Twitter asked her if she could look at herself in the mirror. As her own eyes meet, she realized that she most definitely could do that.

She thought she might feel remorse. Sorrow. Something.

She was going to end it after the piledriver. She was trying to walk away, thinking she had done all she needed but there was something inside her that told her to finish this bitch. She deserves nothing less for what she did. So she went back. She honestly hadn’t intended to break Bratton’s leg, but even with that — Jansen didn’t feel anything.

She deserved it.

Every bit of it.

There’s a banging on the door. “C’mon! Let’s go!”

“I’m moving as fast as I can!”

“Then move faster.”

He was causing a commotion in the hallway. Last thing we needed was to get kicked out of here. So, sje finished in the bathroom and went out to get dressed. Her inward reflection will have to wait.

Wait, what? Princess?

2 Hours Later
Hotel Room

Jansen Myrrh parted ways with Paul Banter out in the hallway and stepped into her room, dripping of sweat and fell back on her bed. She needed to shower, but her mind could not help but reflect on what she and Paul had done yesterday.  Again, she expected to feel some type of remorse, but she didn’t.

She picked up her phone and checked her Twitter for the first time and saw the postings from Bratton’s family.  Surgery. Good. Never wrestling again. Even better. Screw that bitch for what she’d done. She turns on the camera after pulling her hair back and she starts to record.

“If you expect me to feel sorry for what happened yesterday with Candi Bratton. Think again. That was personal and she has had it coming for years. Good riddance, as far as I’m concerned. If she wants to be competitive in athletics, she can try out for wheelchair basketball. This sport — my sport — doesn’t need the likes of you in it.”

“On to next week and it seems that there is a Princess in my future. A California Princess to be exact. Ariana Bentley. Is this something you are sure you want to do? I mean, being a Princess and all. When you step into the ring with Miss Myrrhder next week on Thursday Throwdown, you’re going to be face to face in the ring with a bona fide career killer. Just ask Candi Bratton.”

“I’ve seen you hanging around Emily Falls as well, and you tell that Barf Queen that she better stay the hell out of my business. She came running down there to help Bratton out and I had to put her in her place. I didn’t do to her what I did to Candi Bratton, so she should be thanking whatever porcelain God she worships to for that.”

“But again, Bentley, do yourself a favor. Stay home next week because if you get into the ring with me, just like Candi Bratton, it may be your last time ever.”

“And to my “friend” over in the Rose City domain. You think your disappointment in me hurts my feelings? No. Not one bit. Your judgemental attitude and revulsion over what I’ve been doing this past week is noted and honestly, I couldn’t care less. It’s not like your winning any matches lately. So, if you feel like I’m such a disappointment, I suppose we could meet in the ring and you could try and steer me on the right path. Or perhaps, you’ll take the same ride that Candi Bratton did. Or end up like Tacy McKegger, face up, counting the stars after I pinned her in the ring.”

“Either way, next week, I step over the California Princess. I’m looking for a match at Good Times and I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.”

Feed ends.