The Price of Honor – August 15, 2018

Many Many Moons Ago
In A Place Far Far Away


Then someone cries out.


Another cry.

“You have disgraced this house. You have brought shame to this family.”

Through the cries, a figure exclaims, “I just wanted to help.”

“Honor is the number one attribute of a Universal Superstar and you have tarnished that name.”

“Please. I didn’t know.”

“You interjected yourself into a contest that had nothing to do with you. You have caused this house nothing but pain and embarrassment.”


Another cry.


And another.

“I have no choice but to strip you of the title of Universal Superstar, Edoim J’Katar. You may have felt that what you were doing was right, but by interfering in that match, you brought shame to us. You must allow your brothers and sisters to fight their own battles.”

“I can do better. Please, do not do this.”

“You’ve given me no choice. Edoim J’Katar, you are no longer the Universal Superstar. We will begin a search for a new chosen one to bear that name. One who will not bring shame to that title.”

The cries that follow were more profound than the ones earlier as an embarrassed and discreted Edoim J’Katar would be the only Universal Superstar to be prematurely stripped of the title.

It would take hundreds of Earth years before the title would eventually fall to the one chosen worthy enough to wear it. In fact, nearly thirty other fighters would wear the title before reaching Anaquin Adams.

  • – – – – – – – – – –

The Grand Canyon
August 15, 2018


Anaquin Adams has taken a detour on her way to Denver for her scheduled appearance in front of the Mile High Wrestling fans. She had meant to do this long ago, but her schedule prevented it. Her match with Stacy DeVille at Rose City #23 and her Deathmatch with Itsumi Hayashi at HcW’s Hardcore Kingdom back to back has taken a toll on her and she needed to recharge and refresh herself for her Honors Championship match with Talia Areano.

Actually, a rematch. And for some reason, management felt the need to place security guards around the ring as if this were a blood feud or at best, a couple of wrestlers who relied on interference.

For Anaquin Adams, it couldn’t be far from the truth. As the title of Universal Superstar has been passed down through the centuries from galaxy to galaxy, the memories were retained and she knew this title could be taken away as easily as it had been given.

She had her cell phone out and she had started to speak as the great abyss lie behind her in the shot. This was her first trip to the great Grand Canyon. It was definitely a sight to behold. She would spend the day here and as evening approaches she would head to Colorado. However, she had some things to address.

“Honor is the key component to being the Universal Superstar. When I fought Stacy DeVille on Sunday as part of Rose City Wrestling’s first anniversary special, she fought with honor. I came up short. When I fought in my Deathmatch with Itsumi Hayashi on Monday, she fought with honor. I came up short.”

“When I fought you, Talia Areano, for the Honors Championship at the last Wrestling Clinic show. You fought with honor. However, your sister, your cohort Mischa Killings took it upon herself to interject herself into your match. So, I will direct my comments to her.”

“Mischa Killings. You have so little faith in your “friend”, your “sister” in the Fempire that you needed to put yourself in our match. I want my friends to believe in my 100%, but you have no faith in Talia Areano. You were certain she was going to lose the Honors Championship to me and so you have no faith in her. I hope this week you show her that you believe in her and stay out of our match. Allow us to see who the better wrestler is.”

“I promise you this, Mischa Killings. Once my match with Talia Areano is over, I believe that you and I should settle our differences in the ring as well.”

“So once my business in Mile High Wrestling is complete. Once I arrive to fulfill my commitment to them and sign my contract to meet Tyke Index at Good Times, I will be catching a flight back to CWD and ready to go one on one with Talia Areano.

“And Tyke Index, I happened to catch your match and hope you aren’t looking to use me as a springboard to get your career back on track. You see, you have one victory over me and I was definitely not in my right mind. But, this time things will be different as I plan to give you the fight I should have given you a few months ago. The result might just be a little different. Champion or no champion, Tyke Index, the Anaquin you face at Good Times is willing to take any risk to win. Prepare yourself.”