The Case of the Post-Modern Makeover – August 11, 2018

August 11, 2018
Portland, OR

The scene is outside of Rose City Academy a few hours before their Chapter 2. There is a podium set up and there are a few press folks outside out in front, mostly wrestling press. Paul Banter checks his watch and then steps up to the podium. He’s dressed in an oversized suit with a tweed jacket. He clears his throat and then begins to speak. 

“I want to thank everyone for coming out today. As speculated, I am here to announce my retirement as an active competitor in professional wrestling. My career has spanned 25 years and I’m starting to feel the wear and tear the years of active competition has done to my body and so I will no longer regularly compete in the ring. I want to thank Indianapolis Wrestling Syndicate and Lonestar Wrestling for allowing me to compete in their rings as I wind up my career and whatever contracts I have already signed, I will fulfill.” 

Paul squints a little as the sun starts to hit his eyes and he steps a little bit to the right to get some shade. 

“As I was saying, while no longer an active wrestler, I have chosen to take a different path while remaining inside the sport that I have grown to love and that is to become a wrestling manager. It’s no secret that I have been working very closely with a young talent with impeccable DNA for this business. She is the niece of former wrestling great, Dandy Myrrh. Dandy Myrrh was a multi time former World Champion back when champions toured around the country and defended their belts against the very best the business had to offer. He was special and I feel that Jansen Myrrh has what it takes to be special as well. So at this time, I’m announcing that my first and only wrestler in the Paul Banter stable will be none other than Jansen Myrrh.” 

“Jansen Myrrh is currently training out of Rose City Academy. She wrestles for Rose City Wrestling out of Portland and Mile High Wrestling out of Denver. While her win-loss record leaves plenty to be desired, I believe whole heartedly that she will be breaking out of her shell sooner rather than later and will be a prime force to be reckoned with in this industry. Jansen Myrrh will be a household name before too very long, this I can assure you.” 

“I will be responsible for all of her contracts and business dealings. I want to make sure that all she has to worry about is winning matches. At this time, if there are any questions…” 

The first reporter speaks up, “Did the attack on you by The Beast and his associates have anything to do with your decision to retire?” 

Paul pauses for a moment before answering, “As I said, I’m getting up there in age and in the past, something like that would not have happened. Had never happened. Did it factor? Yes. Was it the main reason? No. Next.” 

“Let’s talk about Candi Bratton…” 

Paul holds up his hand, “Let’s not talk about Candi Bratton. Jansen Myrrh is waiting for Candi Bratton to finish explaining herself before making any public statements. Jansen has told me that she will make a public statement on Thursday Throwdown that streams exclusively on the Stanton Network this coming Thursday. Until then, I have no comment.” 

“But, the bombshell that Candi Bratton may be…” 

“Look, I said I had no comment. Jansen Myrrh will make a comment Thursday. Next.” 

Another reporter stands, “Any sightings of Natalie Carlson? I know that Jansen Myrrh has a match tonight with Tacy McTaggart and the beef between the two stems from an incident between Carlson and McTaggart.” 

Paul shakes his head. “There’s been no word whatsoever from Carlson. Her Twitter account has been closed. Her Facebook is closed. Her cell phone has been disconnected. My client, Jansen Myrrh, believes one hundred percent that Tacy McTaggart is responsible for the disappearance of her friend and tonight she will fight that mall cop McTaggart  in a Prison Rules match and show that chump what happens with you mess with friends. It will be my first appearance at ringside with Jansen Myrrh and she plans on not letting up until McTaggart admits the error of her ways and provides confession. All Jansen wants is to find her friend. Look, we need to get prepared for the match tonight so I’m going to close this out by saying that I’ve had a great career as a wrestler and with myself at her side, Jansen Myrrh will have the future she is destined for. Rose City Wrestling and Mile High Wrestling will see a side of Jansen Myrrh that one never thought possible. Thank you.” 

With that Paul turns and disappears into the building as the reporters continue to try and shout questions as the scene fades. 


“Are you sure this is a good look?” 

Paul Banter and Jansen Myrrh have been discussing plenty of things the past few days. Thursday, she was knocked unconscious by Lance Mikes who was aiming for Candi Bratton who was trying to discuss some secret with Jansen Myrrh and the more Jansen thought about it, the angrier she got.  

Not to mention that later tonight, she has to step into the ring with that fake cop Tacy McTaggart. The anger that has been building inside of Jansen over the past few days is starting to take its toll on her and Paul has definitely noticed a change. He also recommended that she needs to shed her nice girl image and so they are heading out on the town for a makeover of epic proportions. 

“Look, Myrrh. Everyone walks all over you because you just look like the nice girl who lives next door. You’re the girl that walks quietly down the hall in school and everyone walks right by her without taking a second glance. If you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna have to look the part.” 

Banter stops walking and points inside the beauty salon. ”Let’s get that hair fixed first thing.” 


“Are you sure about this?” 

Banter smirks down at the darker haired young woman now. “Look, It’s not quite black but close enough that it’s not that color it was. You gonna keep asking me if I’m sure about everything we do?” 

Jansen laughs, shaking her head, “No. You’re the expert, right?” 

“Damn straight.” 

They walk into a seamstress shop and several hours later come out with several bags.  


There’s a knock. 

“You decent?” 

“Yeah, come on in.” 

Paul enters the locker room and stops, letting a whistle escape his lips. “That works much better. No one is going to mess with you now, kid.” 

Jansen looks into the long mirror and shakes her head. ”I can’t believe this is me.” 

Paul places an arm on her shoulder. ”It’s not just about the look. You need the attitude as well. Can’t go out with a new look and be the same old Jansen. No one will take it seriously. Either you go out and kick ass like we have been talking about all week, or you’re gonna take another L. Remember what this match means to you and go out there and put this mall cop in her place. Your friends will shun you if you go this route. I just want to know if you’re ready for that.” 

Her fists clench as he speaks while she looks at herself in the mirror. ”I know. I’m ready. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to put this bitch away. And if my friends don’t understand, I guess they weren’t my friends to begin with.” 

“That’s what I’m talking about. Let’s do this.” 

Someone peeks into the room, “Jansen, you’re up.” 

“I’m on my way.” 

Jansen turns to look up at the much larger Banter and nods. “I’m ready. Let’s go kill a bitch.” 


The two leave the locker room, heading towards the ring.