The Case of the Missing Former Champion – August 4, 2018

Rose City Academy
August 4, 2018

The workout had been strenuous but Jansen Myrrh was feeling far more confident than she had in a very long time. The tactics that she had been learning from Paul Banter had made sense, but she wasn’t quite sure if she could do what he wanted her too, but she also knew that if she wanted to beat Tacy McTaggart, she was going to have to do whatever it took to win.

On top of that, it was announced that she was going to face former Mile High Champion, Candi Bratton on Thursday and that kind of scared the crap out of her. Bratton was one tough “broad” as Banter had said to her and wasn’t going to just give her a scientific matchup. She was going to brawl and fight and cheat her way to a win as she did every other match.

They watched a few tapes — as he called it, but really it was the Mile High stream and with each match she watched featuring Candi Bratton, she got more and more nervous. She’d rather tight a million Tacys than one Candi.

By the time they finished, Jansen was sufficiently worried about her match on Thursday.

Then there was Tacy McTaggart. The wanna-be mall cop who apparently drove off her best friend whom she hasn’t heard from since. The second show for Rose City Academy and somehow Jansen was in the main event with Tacy in some sort of Prison Rules match?

Jansen has never been an anything goes type of wrestler and has never been in an anything goes match. Paul gave her a few pointers and reminded her repeatedly that she could do whatever she wanted without risking getting disqualified.

Paul reached for a folding chair and folds it straight, “Look, kid. That cop is gonna use every trick in the book. She’s been wrestling longer than you and has far more experience and probably has been in a match or two. If you don’t fight fire with fire, that chick is gonna wallop you good and hard.” He takes the chair and swings it hard, smacking it against the ring post — making a large whacking sound that rings out in the Academy.

“Same thing with Bratton. That woman is nuts. I’ve crossed her path a time or two and she’s certifiable. She’s not above grabbing whatever weapon she can find and bashing your skull in. I’m actually surprised she agreed to this match, if I’m honest with you.”

Jansen looks at him curiously, “What does that mean?”

Paul starts to say something, then stops shaking his head. “Just that I figured she’d be going after the champ or something.”

“Oh.” Jansen hasn’t any reason to doubt his word, but something doesn’t sit right with her.

Paul sets the chair down and walks over and places a large hand on her shoulder, “You’ve got the gift, kid. You can make something of yourself in this business. You just need some seasoning. Maybe you should consider a manager.”

Jansen furrows her brows, “Are you offering to be my manager?”

This time it’s Paul who’s taken aback because he hadn’t even been thinking about that. There were plenty of managers around the business who would probably be able to help her out, but he had been thinking about wrestling less. Perhaps a manager gig would work out for him.

“Well, I wasn’t at first but now you have me thinking,” Paul leans against the ring apron. “I mean, if you want me to, I could probably come to the ring with you.”

Jansen would have to think about this proposition. Perhaps not for her match on Thursday with Candi Bratton, but perhaps for her match with McTaggart. She could use his guidance and coaching for that match.

“Hungry?” His words break her thoughts and she smiles, nodding. “Famished. Let me go change and we can grab a bite.” With that Jansen heads off to the locker room to shower and change. Paul watches her go and when she disappears, he reaches into his pocket for his cell phone and pushes a few numbers.

“It’s Banter.”

“I’m with Myrrh and you’re gonna have to tell her. She doesn’t have a clue.”

“Unless you’re planning to beat the crap out of her, you’re going to have to talk to her.”

“Fine. Fine. Do what you want. Just saying, she worships the guy.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Fine. Bye.”

Later that Night

Jansen turns on her feed and begins to record her promo against Candi Bratton.

“I know you’re busy with her match against Lance Mikes, but I hope you aren’t taking me lightly, Candi Bratton. I may not have as many wins as you or have won any championships, but I promise you that I will give you the fight of my life.”

“You haven’t been around Mile High for a few weeks — not since you lost your Mile High Championship to Skrabs in that crazy match, but your return isn’t going to be at my expense and I hope you don’t think that it will. One day, you’ll get your title shot again but one day I plan to be challenging for a world championship regardless of the outcome of our match on Thursday.”

“So come Thursday Throwdown, bring your best, Candi Bratton because I will certainly be at my very best for you.”