Destined for Destiny – July 19, 2018

July 19, 2019
Wawona, CA

Her match for Mile High Wrestling didn’t quite go as she had hoped, and in other ways it exceeded her expectations. Robi Jean Mitchell was indeed a true competitor and the gods had picked someone of quality for the first of her challenges and from this point forward, it can only get tougher and she’s going to have to step up her game if she plans on winning any of her further matches.

The match with Robi Jean took everything she had and while she had had not won that match, she knew that she gave it all and she also knew that she drew everything she could from RJ Mitchell before the night was done. She also knew that by the end of the fight, she had gained the respect of the woman who had disrespected her just a week prior when Anaquin issued the challenge.

Blood had been shed by them both. Respect was earned. That battle is over.

And then she returned to California Wrestling Division and defeated the man who everyone thought was going to be a key player in the company in the future. She had stopped his momentum. While he had been focusing on others, he took his eye off the one standing right in front of him. And in the end, she made him tap. She advances in the tournament for the crown and on top of that, her performance seemed to gain her a title shot at the Honors Champion, Talia Areano. She isn’t certain what she’d done to gain such a shot with only one match under her belt, but she’s not going to let the opportunity pass. To add another such accolade to her growing legacy would surely add to her history and please the gods at the same time.

Troy Maddox is in her rear view while Talia Areano, the Honors Championship and the Immortal Kingdom Crown are in her future.

She’s on the long twisted road that leads from Wawona to Yosemite National Park as she had started her job very early this morning. The heat had already descended down onto the Earth and the sweat is pouring from all of her pores. She was determined to make the jog from Oakhurst to Yosemite, which she started yesterday and made it all the way to Wawona before she paused for the night.

She soaked the evening in the tub at the hotel and then took off once again at first light. The cars would pass her, some would attempt to stop perhaps not realizing that she was trying to push herself to her limit. Day one was hard, but today was even harder. Her muscles were protesting the exertion that she was putting them through, but she knew that her championship shot at the next Wrestling Clinic was dependent upon her being in top physical form.

This run had been on her bucket list for some time and now that she is here, she doesn’t plan on stopping until she reaches the park. With some music invading her ear drums as she attempts to keep time with it to pace her way, she knows that her time is coming.


She reaches her next stop, Yosemite West, and she checks into her hotel room. She is exhausted. She has taken in so much water just to sweat it all out on the run up and she is famished and ready to eat an entire buffalo if need be. She peels off the wet, sticky clothing that are soaked in her perspiration and steps into her shower, cleaning the layers of sweat that has accumulated throughout the day. She dries off and then changes into something clean from her backpack before placing her dirty clothing into a bag to drop it off to be cleaned for morning. One more leg of her trip tomorrow and she should reach the park. Her destination. Her desire.

Her food was amazing. She had been dreaming out it since earlier in the day. She had snacks, but this was a meal.  She stepped back out into the open air after enjoying her meal, taking her time and just relaxing. She would get the occasional look from those passing, her bright green hair a magnet for admiring glances or envious stares. She would just smile and give a polite nod or maybe a warm hello before she began to move back towards her hotel. She was getting tired, her body continuing to remind her that she had just ran ten plus miles and that she needed rest.

The paused to glance into store windows. She wasn’t super materialistic, preferring to keep things simple and buying only what was necessary for her to get buy. But she did like to admire things. She finally made it back to her hotel and as she picked up her workout clothing from the desk and headed up to her room.

And she slept.

In the morning she awoke and prepared to depart further upwards towards the park, packing everything away in her backpack before heading out and checking out of her hotel. She stocked up on water and more snacks. Then she pulled out her phone and began to record.

“Rose City! The Universal Superstar is coming not only to compete for your Trios Championship with my partners Kem Dynamo and Jansen Myrrh — Team Best Entrance Music! But, I am coming to make a very special challenge. Not only will Team Best Entrance Music walk away with championships, but I will provide you the backdrop for an amazing Anniversary show! I hope you are ready because the gods have decreed that this be so! And speaking of the gods…”

“Talia Areano. The CWD Honors Champion.”

She inhales deeply as she takes in the fresh, clean air of the mountains.

“You are indeed a fighting champion and I have been watching you. Since you have become champion, I have taken notice. While I did not expect to meet you so soon, I can only thank the gods that they have taken it upon themselves to put you and I in the ring at this time.”

She begins to walk, speaking as she does.

“You surround yourself with those who call themselves Fempire, but can you stand alone? I have already defeated one of your own when Troy Maddox tapped out to my submission. Now, I come for more gains. The Honors Championship. The belt that will establish my dominance in CWD because that is what I intend to do and I do not plan to stop there.”

“What happens beyond is not important. One step at a time and as I train for our fight, I can think of nothing but you and the Honors Championship. My attention is laser focused. I cannot even see the Immortal Crown because of the light that shines from the Honors Championship. The gods have decreed that I bring that championship home and so it will be.”

“August 1. Hollywood, California. The next installment of Wrestling Clinic. Talia Areano against the Universal Superstar. With the lights of the gods shining down upon us, can you honestly say that you can walk out of 7 with the Honors Championship tightly wrapped around your waist or will I loosen it enough to snatch it from you and claim myself the new Honors Champion in honor of the gods.”

She pauses in her gait and brings the phone close.

“Come 7, Talia Areano. Bring your best. Bring the Honors Championship. And with it, bring your honor. I will expect nothing less.”

She clicks off the feed and begins to jog.

That evening as she arrives to Yosemite National Park, her destination. Her destiny. She has realized another of her goals and she realizes it’s only the first of many.  As she watches the water falling down and crashing on the rocks below, her own body drenched in sweat, she takes in the image. The beauty of nature and all it entails. She knows that one destiny leads to another.

Her next destiny?

The Honors Championship.