“The Case of Too Many Last Names” (with Paul Banter)

July 15, 2018
George Bush International Airport

Flight arrival from Zanzibar as Paul Banter and Jansen Myrrh are exiting the plane and walking into the terminal. It’s an odd pairing as Paul Banter weights in excess of 450 pounds and Jansen Myrrh at barely scraping 130. Occasionally, eyes glance at the pair as they walk down the corridor.

“I’ve got to head to my next flight,” Jansen comments as she pauses to look at the Arrival and Departure screen.

Paul pauses with her, “Where ya heading?”

Jansen glances up at the large man, “Portland and then Tacoma. I have a match for Rose City. Then I have a match for IWF against Hope Freeman-Kane-Hall.”

The big guy looks a little confused, “Is that more than one person?”

The brief burst of laughter comes from the smaller, younger girl, “No. She just has three last names and a lot of hyphens.”

Paul nods his head, “I don’t get it, but whatever. I guess people can call themselves whatever they like. Is she any good?”

Jansen finds her flight to Portland and shrugs. “I mean, I’ve watched a few videos and she seems tough, but I’ve been training really hard and maybe the win this week will help.”

Paul starts to walk with her, “Well, if you need any advice or anything, just give me a hollar. I’m just a phone call away. We have our next round in the tag team tournament coming up and it’s against Fernandez and Trixie inside a cage. They’ll be tough. Have you ever been in a cage match before?

Jansen stops walking and looks up at him. “What? No! I’ve never been in a cage match before! I’ve barely been wrestling a few months!”

Paul laughs at her worried expression, “Look deal with your matches today and tomorrow and we will worry about the cage match later. Who do you have today?”

They start walking again and Jansen gives a soft shrug, “I’m not sure. Rumor says maybe Tacy McTaggart.”

Paul nods. “The cop?”

Jansen nods. “Yeah. I think she might have something to do with why Natalie disappeared from the academy. I need to find out. And then tomorrow to Tacoma and Freeman-Kane-Hall.”

Paul grins as they get to the exit to the terminal, “Sounds like a lawyer’s office,” causing Jansen to laugh out loud.

“Yeah, it sure does. I guess I’ll see you in a few days. I have to get to my flight.”

Paul nods and his massive frame disappears down the exit corridor as Jansen heads towards her gate, heading to Portland.

Jansen arrives for her match for Rose City Fed and getting dressed as she awaits news on who her opponent might be, but she has a few moments so she reaches for her phone and goes live on her Facebook account.

“Hope. I won my last match in IWF but it wasn’t exactly how I wanted to win but that just makes me more determined to win my match with you tomorrow night. I know my win-loss record isn’t as stellar as most but that doesn’t mean for one minute that you should take me lightly. I’ve been getting quite a bit of advice from mentors and I plan to utilize everything I’ve been learning in order to defeat you.”

She reaches up and brushes some hair from in front of her eyes.

“I hope that Pandora doesn’t get involved in this match, as I notice she tends to have a knack for such shenanigans, but even if she does, I’ll have to deal with her as well. I’m starting to get my feet under me and with a couple of wins under my belt, I am even more ready now to continue to win.”

She stands up and lifts the camera up a bit, tilting it down. “When I’m finished with my opponent here in Portland, I’ll be on a plane to Tacoma and I promise you this, I’ll be more than ready to finish you off with the Myrrh-driver and piledrive you into the mat and then it will only be a matter of one-two-three. Jansen Myrrh. Winner.”

She clicks off the feed and makes a face. “Wasn’t my best, but hopefully it’ll do,” she mutters under her breath.

She takes a seat back on the bench, reaching down to tie up her boots before standing and exiting the locker room, seeing if she can find out who she is facing today.  Her lift has definitely taken a turn. Tag team tournament with Paul, Rose City Fed and Academy, IWF and soon she’ll be wrestling for Mile High Wrestling. She’s is bound and determined to make something of herself in this business, just as her uncle did years ago.

“I won’t let you down, Uncle Dandy.”