A Thrill To Seek – July 10, 2018

July 10, 2018
Somewhere in Arizona

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Anaquin. Since she was small, since her first visit to the pediatrician, all she ever dreamed about was being a nurse or perhaps a doctor. She watched as the nurse did all those things the nurses do and even when they pulled out the needle, she didn’t cry or scream. She sat there watching the needle slide into her arm as the nurse pushed the medicine into her flesh.

This was what she wanted to do.

The older she got, the more determined she was. She excelled in school, even to the point of falling into the primary definition of a nerd. She didn’t party, she didn’t have a boyfriend, she didn’t do all the things that most teens want to do. She was determined. Focused.

College was just the same. No time for fun. No time for relationships. No time for anything unless it was about medicine. She studied day and night.

Her residency was exactly what you’d expect as she found that she knew most of the answers. Got praised by the doctors for whom she worked.

Then she was admitted. The woman who would change the life of Anaquin forever.

Anaquin walked away. 16 plus years of school, constant studying, all thrown away.

For the life of a Universal Superstar.

The Rise in Phoenix was barely a day away and Anaquin Adams had found the perfect rock to climb.

She parked her bike and prepared to climb as she attached all her equipment and then prepared to ascend. The climb was difficult, but she lives for the thrill now. A far cry from the girl she grew up now. Risk taking was a part of her life. Her parents practically disowned her when she walked away from a potential gig as a doctor, throwing away all of her training. There was screaming and yelling when she tried to explain her new chosen path as a Universal Superstar, but they weren’t listening.

The clean, neat Anaquin Adams of old was now the tattooed, motorcycle riding, green hair wearing, death defying professional wrestling. Taking risk after risk whenever possible. The challenge was no different. There were very few videos to studying of RJ Mitchell, queen of the MC. There were some things in common. But she was a relative unknown, and certainly it is the other way around.

She reaches for a rock, but it’s not as secure as she originally thought and it comes loose from the wall and she drops a little until she’s hanging from her other hand. She grunts as she tries to pull herself up and latch onto a more secure ledge before she finally is able to plant her feet.

She pauses, trying to catch her breath before she continues upward and onward until she finally reaches the top.

She sits down on the surface, reaching into her backpack for a bottle of water and begins to drink. She reaches behind her and pulls loose her ponytail allowing her hair to fall free and then reaches into the pack for her phone. She stands up and walks to the ledge and takes a few pictures before turning the phone over and checking for a signal.


She decides to just turn on the video recorder and she’ll upload it later.

“Arizona is amazing,” she says as she looks into the camera. She pans it around as she shows her view from atop her new perch.

“Don’t ask me why I’ve never been here before. But, tomorrow night is the night! The challenge was made and accepted. The Queen of the Shieldmaidens versus the Universal Superstar. I’m not going to lie, I’m typically far more confident going into a match than I was feeling before I climbed this rock, but now I’m one hundred percent ready for you, Robi Mitchell. This atmosphere, this scenery, this climate was exactly what I needed to refresh myself because after tomorrow, regardless of the outcome I am on a plane to California where I go one on one with Troy Maddox in my quest for the crown.”

She reaches up and runs her fingers through her long, green hair and she grins, “But tomorrow night, the first of my eleven challenges as I will walk into Mile High Wrestling. Maybe say hello to some familiar faces such as Rob Mack, Samantha Hamilton, Tyke Index and Lance Mikes. Then I will prepare myself for combat.”

“Robi Mitchell, you question whether or not it is pride that beckons me to challenge you?” Anaquin considers that for a moment before shaking her head, “Not pride. You see for my entire life, I was raised to do one thing. Heal. But in the blink of an eye, my entire life changed direction and now this life I lead is a series of challenges for me. One thrill after another. Riding my bike. Climbing the side of a mountain. Skydiving. Cliffdiving. And professional wrestling. All of these things inspire me to test my limits. To see how far I can push myself. To conquer illogical fears and to test those make-believe boundaries that others have placed upon themselves. Such is my challenge to you. Yes, I wrestle primarily for California Wrestling Division and before that HCW. Yet, those are imaginary boundaries. Why do I need to limit myself when there is an ocean of challenges out there waiting for me to test myself? There is no pride in me, only the thrill of the hunt. The hunger inside of me to take up the next challenge and then the next and then the next. I strive to be the best and if I’m not the best, I need to know where I need to improve.”

She takes another drink of water. “As the Phoenix rises from the flames tomorrow night, expect the fire to grow even hotter when you and I step into the ring. I can’t say what type of competition you’ve faced so far in Mile High Wrestling, but I can promise you that I will be your toughest challenge to date and I hope to be able to say the same about you.”

She clicks off her recording that she’ll upload later. She places the items back into her pack, before securing it on her own back as she walks to the edge of the cliff and jumps.

It isn’t long before the sound of her bike fills the canyon as she puts it in gear and drives off.