Sellout – July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018
Denver, CO

“What the fuck do you mean it’s sold?” 

Candi is standing in front of the bar she intended to buy in order to invest in something here in Denver and she had been in talks with the owner who had every intention of selling this to her until Candi walked up to the bar and saw a Sold by Owner sign on the front.  She immediately called the asshole back to find out what was going on and she’s apparently getting the information she needed. 

“Oh, they did, did they? I see. Well, that’s just fine with me. I’m sure there are other bars for sale in the area and they may not give a fuck, but I give a fuck that there’s a place for nice decent folk like me to come have a drink every now and then. I hope you choke on the fucking money they gave you, you piece of shit.” 

She pauses as the owner on the phone speaks. 

“Yeah, well you and I had a deal on where I come from a deal is a deal. Don’t you worry about it. You just take that money and fuck off!” 

She hangs up the phone and she eyes a large rock on the sidewalk and actually considers picking it up, but instead she just mutters under her breath, “Well, fuck.” 

She can’t deal with this right now, not that there’s much she can do. She gets in her truck and heads to the studio where she has an “mandatory” interview set up for her by Mack. 

She walks in the studio and after getting setup, Jordan Hagen sits across from her and after they are rolling, he begins. 

Jordan: I’m Jordan Hagen for Mile High Wrestling and I’m with the Mile High Champion, “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton. Thanks for joining us. 

Candi: Well, it’s not like I had a choice or anything, so let’s get this shit over with. 

Jordan clears his throat and he begins. 

Jordan: So, tell us about the early part of your career. 

Candi: What do you want to know? How I became a World Champion after competing for only 18 months? That happened. I fought in hardcore matches, cane matches. I didn’t care what side of the fence someone sat on, if they pissed me off, I wanted to fight them. If they had something I wanted, I wanted to fight them. My rookie year, I was rated number 23 in all of women’s wrestling for the year. That’s above former World Champions. And I didn’t even wrestle the entire year. Want my resume, there it is.  

Jordan: It seems that everywhere you go, you most certainly draw everyone’s attention. And not always in a good way. 

Candi: And, what’s your fucking point, kid? 

Jordan: Um. I mean, do you know what that is? 

Candi: Look, kid. You seem bright, but you’re starting to make me think otherwise. Look, when you become the champion, everyone targets you. These motherfuckers didn’t start looking twice at me until I won the championship. No one gave me a rats ass about me, or gave me a chance in Hell of winning the championship but guess what, motherfucker? Here’s the fucking gold and here’s where it’s gonna stay. Now, all of a sudden everyone is looking at Candi Bratton like she’s the stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving and they’re the Master looking to eat. Everyone has hungry eyes because they think that despite every goddamned thing I’ve done since I got here, they’re gonna waltz in and take this from me, as if it’s that easy. Cause you see, they’re looking at this situation with rose-colored motherfucking glasses and they see what they want to see. If they actually go back and see all of my matches, I’ve never lost a single. Maybe a tag here and there, but I’ve never lost when it counted and if they think for one goddamned minute that I’m just going to hand over this belt, then fuck them.  

Jordan: Ahem, so let’s talk about your issues with the Shieldmaiden and Forge. 

Candi: Oh sure, why the fuck not.  

Jordan: So, what prompted their attack on you after your cage match with the Master? 

Candi: So, apparently words hurt now and they took offense to something I probably said on that goddamned Twitter. The real issue here is they didn’t give me a since ounce of attention until after I won the championship. So they’re going to work like a pack of dogs and attack me five on one to try and put me out, or injure me or some shit thinking they’ll slip in and grab this belt. The matter of fact is that I don’t care if there are a hundred of them fucking Shieldmaidens – they can’t put me down and they can’t put me out. I was back up the next week fighting in the ring. And when I get done with Scrubs in Phoenix this week, I’m going to line them fuck bags up and I’m going to knock them down one at a time until I get to the king of the douchebags, Forget. Don’t think I have forgotten about you, Forget. See what I did there? See, what they’re going to make me do is bring in reinforcements. I have a very good friend and her name is Bessie and if I call in Bessie, then things are going to get very very bloody. Me and Bessie, we are tight and we look out for each other. If Bessie kisses Forge, then Forget is done for the night.  

Jordan: Can you tell us more about Bessie? 

Candi: Ha! Fuck off. Trust me, you don’t want nothing to do with that girl. Next. 

Jordan: Let’s talk about your new relationship with Emily Fails. 

Candi: What about it? 

Jordan: What’s your role? Why are you working with her. 

Candi: She’s had a couple rough breaks and I don’t think anyone takes her seriously. She’s a kid trying to make it in this business and no one is really giving her a chance, and I’m not talking about the promotion. I’m talking about the other wrestlers. She needs a little guidance and I’m offering that guidance. Giving her a few tips here and there. She’s got plenty of potential and she’s being fed to the sharks. So, I’m helping her out. That’s all. 

Jordan: Let’s talk about your match at the Rise. You’re going one on one with Skrabz. What are your impressions of the number one contender. 

Candi: Look, I ain’t got nothing against the guy. Well, other than the fact he can’t speak fucking English and the Macks won’t invest in any subtitles for me. Others are complaining but the feel he jumped the line, or perhaps there should have been some sort of tournament to decide a contender, but fuck. I don’t care who I have to fight or when. All I care about is that I get to fight and I get paid.  

Jordan: Skrabz seems to think he has your number. 

Candi: I could give two fucks what Scrubs has to say. That motherfucker hasn’t face me in the ring yet and I’m sure that’s by design by Mack to make sure the match is special and it’s a goddamned smart strategy. I’m sure it’ll sell lots of tickets. He’s loaded up the card and I’m sure that the company will make a shit-ton of money. But Scrubs hasn’t gone one on one with Candi Bratton and I hope he’s been paying attention but I try and listen to what he has to say and he seems to think that I don’t deserve to be the champ. Again, the motherfucker can’t see what’s in front of his goddamned face. I’ve been killing folks around here. Where’s the goddamned Master? He hasn’t been the same since I caved in his goddamned skull. He was all talk and look where he’s at now. I don’t doubt that Scrubs has the tools to be the champ, but you see that time is not now. One day, someone’ll beat me for this title, but I’m enjoying wrestling for the first time in years and I ain’t ready to put this belt down.  

Jordan: You’ve quite a few critics in the locker room claiming you’re not championship material. Not what the face of the company should look like. That Candi Bratton shouldn’t be representing Mile High Wrestling in any way shape or form. 

Candi: Yeah, I’ve heard it. From Hamilton. To Forget. To the Shieldmaiden. Probably event Scrubs. If they want to be the face of this fucking company, then all they have to do is step up and take the Mile High Wrestling Champion from me. That’s all they gotta do. They don’t have to like me, but I promise you when I walk out of Mile High Wrestling as the Champion, there is a long list of wrestlers in the back who are going to shit their pants. They’re going to finally realize that I’m the real deal. And if by chance, Scrubs happens to defeat me for the title, good on him. That just clears up my schedule to taking out the Shieldmaiden, one by motherfucking one. Don’t think I don’t know you bought my goddamned bar out from under me. I’ll be coming to fuck you up for that too. Right now, my focus is entirely on Scrubs and defending this belt.  

Jordan: Any thoughts on the crossover match between HCW and MHW?  

Candi: If those pretenders want to come on in and get bent by the boss, that ain’t got nothing to do with me. I mean, the boss could have picked a better partner, but what the fuck ever. Not my problem. 

Jordan: I want to thank you for sitting down with us and chatting about the Rise in Phoenix which will come to you live this Wednesday on PPV. If you can’t come out to see us live in Arizona, then by all means catch us live exclusively on PPV.