Crown Fit For A Superstar – July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018
Anaquin’s Lair

“The Immortal Kingdom Crown seems to be a fitting title for an award to be bestown upon the Universal Superstar.” 

Her words are raspy as her voice channels the abandoned warehouse she calls her lair as she is sitting underneath a single light that barely envelopes the building. The windows up high around are mostly covered with old, decaying newspaper and surrounding her are the tools of her trade. Tools to help her become a peak performer for this generation. Treadmill. Weights. Off in the distance an old dusty wrestling ring. She sits cross-legged on the dirty floor covered in her cowl and cape as she takes in a deep breath. 

“As I sit here communing with the gods, they have expressed to me the importance of acquiring the title known as the Immortal Kingdom Crown. The crown itself is just a trinket, however all that it represents is more certainly beyond mortality as they have desired that I wear it in their honor. Given the circumstance surrounding the last event, I feel compelled to perform above and beyond my normal capacity in order to show those who attend the event just what a Universal Superstar can do in and out of the ring.” 

She slowly starts to rise as she reaches up and removes the hood, letting it fall and revealing her long green hair as she steps closer to her camera. “Make no mistake, Troy Maddox. I allowed you an opportunity to gain revenge upon me for what I did to you at 4 and you refused the opportunity. Did you think that I would retaliate? Make you look the fool? Did you wonder what those in attendance would think about you striking down a female in a sling? You shouldn’t have because in my darkest of days, I have been through worse. This was your chance at revenge and my chance at redemption and you refused to do what needed to be done.” 

Her voice is rising in intensity as she speaks and she starts to move her hands about, “The gods told me you would back down and I told them that you were a warrior. A man of pride. Instead of taking your shot, you turned and walked away. Compassion or cowardice? I’m unsure. The former means you have a heart, the latter means you lack one. I guess we will find out next week as we meet in order to see who will rise towards the Crown and who will fall by the wayside and work to regroup. Make no mistake, Troy Maddox, come 6 you will see that all I need it to be given the opportunity to show those who attend that I am and will be the past, present and future of this king’s sport. There is no greater sport on this or any other planet that is greater than the grappling combat sport known as wrestling. I don’t care what other sport amuses you, it’s this sport that challenges the soul, the spirit, the heart and the mind.” 

“What you fail to see, Troy Maddox, is that I’m not an ordinary competitor. My story has been handed down generations, thousands of generations, traveling millions of miles and on a multitude of planets. This is only my current incarnation and there will be more to follow. The fire that dwells inside of me will never be quenched. Not until I push every muscle in my body, every boundary that exist and every braincell in my mind to beyond expectation.” 

“As the gods declared, I will give unto myself the spirit of the fight. The knowledge of battle. The absolute best in every match. For they know what I have deep inside of me and they know what risk I am willing to take. The risk that cost me a chance to compete at 5 by taking on a giant inside of a prison. Falling 20 feet to the floor below. The risk is always there and I would take it time and time again just to prove to the gods that I am a worthy vessel for their spirit. Underestimate me at your own peril, Troy Maddox.” 

She steps in closer, her mannerisms calming some as she grins into the camera, “As we step into battle, understand that I do not fear any entity, including one calling themselves Fempire. I stand on my own two feet and I do not consort in gangs that many feel the need to do. If you require assistance, by all means bring them and tell them to bring their best because it doesn’t matter to me. That crown must be won by someone worthy. Someone the gods call the Universal Superstar.”