Anatomy of a Universal Superstar – June 19, 2018

I relive the fall every time I close my eyes. I can feel the vertigo and the pop of my shoulder as I hit the ground.

It’s because you’re weak. You were always weak.


I was never weak.

I made a mistake. I never should have listened to you. I was never a monster. I allowed you to make me one and now I realize that I don’t need you. I never did.

You need us. Without us, you will fail.

I only failed when I allowed you in. Before you, I was successful. I was a Superstar.

You were lost. We showed you the way.

You showed me YOUR way. Your way is not my way. I see that now. Before you, I traveled the galaxy. I visited planets and saw the stars. Before you, I fought before kings and queens, emperors and empresses, gods and goddesses. You turned me into what you wanted, but not what I am. I wasn’t lost. I was vulnerable for a moment.

You are a fool. Without us, you were never feared.

I never wanted to be feared. I wanted to be respected. I wanted to win.

We won’t leave.

You will leave.

You will regret this, monster.

You will not call me that. I am no monster. No longer. Not anymore.

We promise you will pay.


Moments pass…

For the first time in months, it is quiet. No. It is peaceful. No longer am I the monster. My history goes back thousands of years, and I am now as I was before.

The Universal Superstar.