Adventures with Candi – June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

Candi is getting out of her truck and heading into a bar somewhere near her hotel where she’s stopping for the night. She’s also on the phone.

“I said I’d be there tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you just rent a place down here instead of driving back and forth? You spend more time in that truck than you do anything else.” It’s Lara on the other end.

“Because I don’t fucking want to get a place in Denver. Unless, I’m gonna move and if you think I’m gonna move and bring your fucking lazy assed sisters and their pack of piranhas with me — they already have practically tore the one house I own, why would I do that to myself.”

Candi steps inside and walks up to a barstool and takes a seat, motioning for a beer.

“Just leave them there. You need to stop taking care of them, for real. They’ve been leeching off of you for years and I know you don’t want to hear it, but let them have the damned house and just move down here. The money you save from going back and forth alone will pay for a place. You’re the champ, so it’s not like you’re hurting for money.”

Candi takes a drink from her beer as she listens. The bartender looks at her, “Can you take that off speaker?” Candi smirks, “I can, but I’m not gonna. I’m just about done, so just hold your shit.”

“Are you in a bar?”

“Yeah, what of it?”

“Didn’t you just get there? Um, you still have to drive to Denver. You might want to get some rest.”

“I thought I was the fucking mother around here. How about you take care of your shit and I’ll take care of mine. You’ve gotta deal with Hamilton and I gotta deal with the Best Little Whorehouse in Denver and their Dipshit Pimp.”

There’s a snort on the other end of the phone, “I got Hamilton. She still has to be walking funny after I gave her a concussion last week. She probably won’t even be cleared to compete. She’s a dumb as a post. It’ll be an easy night for me. You, I’m worried about. You really want to take on all of them at the same time?”

“Fucking straight. I ain’t scared of them bottom feeding porn stars.” Candi doesn’t seem to notice she’s getting the attention of a few shady looking males behind her, especially when the conversation switched to her having money. “Looks, they jumped me after I had already beaten the shit out of that Combes guy. I’m going to be a hundred percent now and there isn’t nothing they can do to me when I’m at one hundred percent.”

She glances behind her, seeing she has an audience as the four guys just grin at her. She flips them off and turns back to her conversation, finally taking the phone off speaker.

“Look, don’t I always have a plan? Of fucking course, I have a plan. You just worry about your own self, Hamilton isn’t someone to take too lightly. I’ve been in the ring with her.  Fuck, Lara. Do whatever the fuck you want. I’m gonna go, I’m suddenly feeling a little greasy. Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She clicks off the phone as the four approach her from behind. “What the fuck do you want?”

One of them takes a seat next to her, “Hey, Grandma. I heard you talking with your kid that you had a lot of money or something.”

Candi doesn’t seem all that concerned as she finishes off her beer. “What of it?”

Another takes a seat on the other side of her, “We thought you might be up to sharing with us. We’ve run on some hard times and could use a little cash advance.”

Candi taps the glass as the bartender refills, though he’s considering reaching for his phone, but Candi just shakes her head at him. “You seem like a bunch of nice young men. I don’t supposed you considered getting a fucking job like everyone else?”

“Hey, lady! No sense in being rude. It’s just hard to get work around here, ain’t it?” He turns to his buddies who nod.

Candi smirks as she reaches for the glass and begins to drink the beer until it’s about half full. “Well, why didn’t you say so. How about we walk down right now and I’ll get some cash and you fine young men can go feed your families or whatever the fuck you’re gonna do.”

The guys all laugh and nod as they get up and head towards the door.  When they get there, they realize Candi isn’t following.

“What’s the deal, lady?”

Candi doesn’t look at them but finishes the rest of her beer. “Can’t a lady finish her drink first?”

“Yeah, sure. But it looks like you’re done now.”

“I sure as fuck am.”

“You got quite the mouth on you, lady.”

“That’s why I get paid more than you, dipshit.”

The guys seem to be getting upset with her. “Let’s go.”

Candi just sighs and turns to the bartender, “Now you might want to call. Not the cops, the ambulance.”

She pushes away from the bar and drops a bill on the counter before turning back to door and heading out.

The bartender picks up the phone and hesitates.

Suddenly a car alarm is going off.

Then the sound of shattering glass.

Then another crash.

The door to the bar opens and the head of the leader of this group sticks through and then as if someone is trying to shut the door on his neck as he begins to scream, the bartender dials 9-1-1.


Candi is finally in her room. Looks like the bar was a bad idea so she stopped and got herself a six pack of beer. She falls back on the bed and is about to crack open the first beer, when there’s a knock on the door.

“Go the fuck away. I didn’t order no goddamned room service.”

“It’s the police, ma’am.”

“Fuck,” she mutters under her breath.

She gets up and walks over and opens the door and a couple of cops come in. “Ma’am..”

“First, stop calling me ma’am. I hate that shit. My name is Candi.”

The request causes the cop to pause for a moment and then he just shakes his head, “Candi, we have a complaint about gang of women attacking these guys down the road?”

“Ain’t no fucking gang. I beat their ass myself. I don’t need to fucking gang. I can take care of myself.”

The second cop finally nudges the first, “You know who this is, right?”


“Mile High Wrestling Champion, Candi Bratton. She’s pretty bad ass. My kids love her.”

Candi smirks, “You let your kids watch me? That’s pretty fucked up.”

The second cop laughs, “We’re sorry to bother you. We’re glad you’re okay. Looking forward to seeing you fight tomorrow.”

They walk out into the hallway and Candi walks to the door.

“Could we bother you for an auto–”

Candi slams the door shut and walks over and finally cracks open that beer. “Me time.”