The Monster Chronicles – June 17, 2018

June 18, 2018
Atlanta, GA

Where she sits, it’s currently unknown but in front of where she sits is a chain-link fence. She is cross-legged on a concrete floor, her face is painted up and she rocks back and forth as she chants softly under her breath. This continues for several moments before she speaks a little more loudly.

“The games are over, Gabriel Ohio. Giant. You want what I have. What I have earned. What I have cherished.”

Behind here there is a small door and she slowly rises up and walks towards the cage and places her fingers into it, gripping as she slowly opens her eyes. “You’ve taken it upon yourself to come show me your interest, and yet all you had to do was ask for a opportunity. I would have been happy to give it, but now…

She grins slightly as she presses her forehead into the steel, “But you have proceeded to interject yourself into my matches. Into my life. And now, instead of a regular match where we see who the better person was, now we step into a prison. Two cages. Can you climb that first cage? Can your massive frame scale the cage and escape?”

She lifts a hand and grabs into the cage and pulls herself up. “And once over and outside the cell, will you be able to climb to the top? Will you be able to wrap your hands around the championship?”

She takes another step higher.

“Gabriel Ohio. I don’t know whether you can or not. I don’t know whether you have it in you or not, but I know one thing for certain.”

She releases her grip and lets herself fall back to the concrete.

“I most certainly can. And at Bitter Enemies, I most certainly will.”

As she shot pans back, it’s apparent that she has been inside of a kennel.

———-20 Years Ago———–

A similar scene, which is actually a dog pound and a 10 year old Anaquin Adams is there with her parents as they stop in front of a kennel where a small beagle.

“Mom, I like this one!”

Dad grins as Mom just shakes her head, “I hope you knew he will be your responsibility, Ana.”

“Mom, I hate it when you call me that.”

Dad interjects himself, “You have to promise that you’ll clean up after him, feed him, walk him and play outside with him.”

Anaquin jumps up, “I promise! I promise!”

Mom gives Dad a look and sighs, “Fine, but the moment you don’t, I will bring him back here.”

“I know! I know!”

Dad takes Anaquin’s hand, “Let’s go see what we need to do.”

Scene fades.