Jansen’s Journal – June 16, 2018

June 16, 2018
Portland, OR

Chapter 18 was an amazing show. So many of the women I look up to competing against each other in the Grand Prix to see who is the best of the best and I am sure I was out there with my mouth wide open as I watched.

Then Stacy called me and Natalie into the office and I was worried that we might be in some sort of trouble or maybe she was disappointed that we hadn’t done well at training today. But then I found out that I am going to wrestle my bestie, Natalie Carson on Sunday?? Oh my God.

But after that, I fly out Monday morning to San Francisco and actually get to wrestle in the legendary Cow Palace. I remember watching tapes with my dad of Ray Stevens, Nick Bockwinkel, Bob Ellis and Kevin Sullivan. I hope I don’t act stupid when I get there.

Jansen was wired.

She typically is right after a Rose City show, but tonight was different for some reason. The buzz that was generated surrounding the Grand Prix was special. She reached over to her nightstand and pulled out a box of Pop Tarts and started munching on one as she pulled up YouTube and typed in “Wrestling At the Cow Palace.”

For hours, she sifted through match after match after match and absorbed what she could. She reached for her phone and she loaded up Facebook and turned on her live feed as she propped herself up in bed.

“Hey everyone! I’m going to be wrestling in Chapter 20 on Sunday for Rose City against one of my favorite people in all of the world. But, Nat, I’m not going easy on you! I’m going to give it everything I have and I hope you do too! Don’t you dare go easy on me. We may have been sparring at the Academy, but in front of the Rose City Wrestling crowd, we have to give it our very best! But no matter who wins, you’ll still be my best friend.”

She gives a silly wave to her friend before she goes on.

“Then I’m coming to San Francisco! It’ll be my first time coming to that city and I’ll actually get to wrestle in the famous Cow Palace Arena! Are you freaking kidding me? I never thought I’d be wrestling in the Cow Palace in my lifetime but this is definitely a bucket list item for me!”

She’s grinning widely as she finds herself glancing off to the side for a moment. She catches herself and puts her attention back on camera. “I’m going to be wrestling Charity Crowne. I’ve seen you hanging around your so-called Best Friend’s Club and I hope you leave those friends of yours in the back because I want a fair and square match against you. I know you’re tough and have been around a long time, but I know that I have the skills to win. All I need is a chance to show it and Monday Night, I plan to show you just how tough I really am.”

She really tries to make a mean face, but to be honest, it isn’t much of one.

“Monday Night, Charity Crowne, I’m coming to San Francisco to pick up the first win of my career and I’m sorry it’s going to have to be at your expense. I’ll see you then!”

She clicks off the recording and sends it.

She exhales as nerves begin to hit her. Hopefully sometime this weekend she can actually get a win.