Adventures with Candi – June 13, 2018

June 13, 2018
Post-Mile High Wrestling
Denver, CO

Candi Bratton is not in the mood. Is she ever? She’s being attended to by the medics in the back who are checking her over after the attack on her by Forge and the Shieldmaiden.

“Follow my finger,” says the doc as he moves it from side to side. Candi just looks at him like he’s crazy.

“Get the fuck away from me before I take that finger from your goddamned body,” she screams as she slides off the medic table onto the floor, though she is a little dizzy and she has to hold herself up. “I don’t need your fucking finger or your goddamned piece of shit examination to tell you that I’m just fucking fine. Now fuck off before I crack your skull.”

“But Miss Bratton..”

“Don’t fucking Miss Bratton me, you quack. Take your goddamned Doogie Houser degree and get the fuck away from me.”

“I’m going to have to tell Mr. Mack…”

“Yeah, and while you’re at it you can go tell Mr. Mack to go fuck himself. You tell him if he thinks for one goddamned minute that I’m going to tag up with Scrubs for any goddamn thing.” She finally notices the camera and she pushes past the medic and out into the hallway. She turns to the camera, “Listen here, Scrappy Doo and your goddamned band of whores. I’m going to fucking tear each and every one of you apart. You must not have been paying goddamned attention to what I did to that giant turd Combes out there tonight. If you think for one minute I won’t fucking take you out next week, you have another motherfucking think coming.”

She starts to walk away and then turns back, “And you, Scrubs, you can just stay the fuck home next week. I’ll take on the goddamned Brady Bunch all by my self. I don’t want you there. I don’t need you there and I sure as fuck can handle them on my own. So take the night off, you fucking prick. If you show up, I’ll knock you the fuck out too. This is my fight.”

She pauses for a moment as she leans against the wall for a second, perhaps getting her second wind. “Mack, I swear to god if you don’t make this a goddamned handicapped match, then I’ll find you when I get here next week and I’ll beat your pasty white ass from here to there. I’m not fucking around. I want BJ and his Hair Bear Bunch in the ring all by myself. All of them. Not just two of those motherfuckers. I want the entire whorehouse out there. When I get done with them, they’ll be all bear and no hair.”

She turns to walk off, “Where’s my goddamned belt?” she says as she disappears around the corner.