The Monster Chronicles – June 10, 2018

June 10, 2018
Orlando, FL

The pain felt good, if she were to be honest. She had gone toe-to-toe with Masatake Kawamata in a Ladders and Lighttubes match and came up short, but she couldn’t help but smile. How long had it been since she actually felt something? A couple months, perhaps. Manchester.


She was grateful for the opportunity to wrestler in such a violent match that she made sure to be gracious. However, that was over and now she has to return to her home. HcW. And a mystery opponent.

Baton Rouge is only a stop. She had marked Gabriel Ohio and now she needs to focus on a mystery opponent, but how does one focus on an opponent where you aren’t sure who it will be? A brawler? A flyer? A cheater? A technician? Regardless of who that mystery opponent is, she will have to be ready.

She has left her room and with a bag over her shoulder she’s walking through the parking lot of the airport near Orlando. Several bandages adorn her face. The scars from the past couple of months are apparent as the camera closes in on her.

“Gabriel Ohio. After last Monday night, you are now marked. A target. When we are trapped in that cell, the only purpose is to escape and to capture the prize that is held high in the air. You may be a giant, Gabriel Ohio, but you are still a mere man. And as a mere man, you now have to face the monster of your nightmares. You dare to challenge me and attack me?”

She laughs as she continues to walk forwards.

“So, I returned the favor last week when I marked you with my own blood.”

She turns towards the camera and steps towards it, “Mystery opponent, whoever you might be. Understand one thing, I may be focused on Gabriel Ohio, but you will be only a brief stop on my way to Atlanta. Bitter Enemies where I will be placed in side a cage with Gabriel Ohio. Mystery opponent, whoever you might be, understand one thing. I will stop at nothing to beat you. You’re a hand picked pawn of Gabriel Ohio. You have the advantage of knowing who your opponent is, while I have no idea who you are.”

“But let me make one thing perfectly clear. It doesn’t matter to me who you are. I will be there. I will defeat you. I will walk away as the winner heading into Bitter Enemies. But before then, check under your bed. Check your closet and look over your shoulders.”

“The monster is coming.”