The Monster Chronicles – June 6, 2018

June 6, 2018
Location Unknown

Wherever she is, the place is dark, musky and hidden. She is sitting on the floor, cross-legged as she gently rocks back and forth. Her face is covered in white face paint with black outlines around her eyes and red dripping down her chin as if she’d been feasting on some beast.

“Glass can cut deep, causing blood to flow. Ladders? Ladders can be used in many different ways. Masatake. Masatake. You are no strangers to the ultra-violence this tournament brings, and yet you and I are definitely strangers. To have been unaware of each other prior to this meeting and to be able to dish out this type of punishment towards each other can only show others to what depths we will sink to claim a victory.”

She reaches over and pulls close a light-tube, setting it in her lap as she slides a finger across its smooth surface. “Violence for the sake of violence. Not vengeance. Not retribution. Not hatred. But for love. Love of violence. Love of pain. Love of blood.”

Her fingers wrap around the glass as she slowly begins to squeeze until it pops under the pressure, glass and dust filling the air. Her hand begins to seep blood as it drips down her wrist.

“There’s no reason for it, and yet we crave it. We thirst for it. We need it.” She brings her hand up as she draws her tongue through the red liquid dripping down her arm and she tastes it. She begins to laugh. “No reason whatsoever but for the sheer joy of it. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us cast-asides. Freaks.”

She takes her other hand and covers it in the blood that pours from her hand and brings it to her face and mouth, smearing it across her chin and cheeks. “The feel of blood against our flesh. When Bloody Icon comes, who will it be? Will it be you? Or will it be a monster? Come Bloody Icon, the ladders and light-tubes will tell the tale.”

“They will tell the long tale far past our own demise. I cannot fathom losing in this tournament. For my own sanity, I must win. I must triumph. I must be the one, the sole survivor. No matter how much blood I must spill along the way.”

She begins to laugh again, “I’m coming. Are you ready? Check under your bed each night. Check the closet. Check the window. You’ll feel it deep inside your bones, that the monsters you fear truly are there. Waiting to devour you.”