The Bratton Blog – June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018
Boise, Idaho

What the fuck were you thinking?”

Candi Bratton is sitting on the sideline as a doctor is pulling pieces of glass out of of the back of Lara Bratton. “Ow! Are you pushing the glass in or taking it out, doc? And I told you I had this match. One and done with SWAT. Just wanted to get myself out there and since Fight Union closed, I needed the gig.”

So, the damage done to the Prankster was like a shopping list. Several stitches to the forehead, sprained wrist and a million tiny cuts from doing through a large pane window during her bar fight with Avery McCullen. One thing is for sure, Avery McCullen was one tough bitch. She earned that win a hundred percent. They’ve been sitting here for what seemed like hours as they continue to pick the small shards of glass.

You know we have that match against Scrubs and Samuel this week and here you’re playing bar fight in Boise. You going to be ready to fight or am I gonna have to fight these two morons by myself?” Candi is super annoyed at the moment with her daughter, but she’s also kinda proud. She watched the fight and it was a spectacular spectacle. The crashing of glass, the near bludgeoning with a bathroom sink. The highlight would be the swirly her daughter received which will provide Candi with plenty of fodder to taunt her daughter with for years to come.

Ow. Dammit, doc! How much longer?”

The doctor looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but here with the Brattons. That feeling seems to be going around. They certainly hadn’t made any friends in Mile High, but for some weird fucking reason, the fans were getting behind them. It’s the strangest goddamn thing. Candi lifts her chin, sniffing the air, “Which one of you fell into the toilet?”

Very funny, mom. Shut up.”

Candi laughs and stands up. “Well, you’re done with SWAT, can we focus on our match now? It’s the first time we’re tagging up but we’ve been around each other all of your life so we shouldn’t have any issues taking these fucking losers down. I want to send Scrubs back to the mid-card before we even get to the goddamned pay per view.”

What kind of shit was that anyway? The guy hasn’t done anything of note yet. Hell, even he isn’t sure what he’s done to get a shot at the title. He looked a little uncomfortable. Ow! God damn, doc!”

Look, it’s going to hurt. You have glass in your skin and if we don’t get it out, you’ll get an infection. When is this match you have?”

Wednesday. I gotta catch a flight to Denver.”

I don’t know that you’ll be ready to get back in the ring by Wednesday.”

Well, you obviously don’t know me, doc. I ain’t missing this fight for nothing.”

I could talk to the promoter.”

I could ram my cane right up your backside. How about you just do your job so I can get out of here. How long these stitches gotta stay in my head?”

Have them checked out in a week.”

Candi is getting annoyed, “You two done flirting? I’m gonna have to get going.

You should just fly, mom.”

You know I hate flying. I’m gonna drive. Besides, I ain’t leaving my new truck in fucking Boise.”

Lara continues to wince as more pieces of glass are removed from her back. “So, what’s the plan for our match with those two jokers?”

I figure we just get in there, beat them and get the fuck out of Denver.”

That easy, you think?”

The two of us against the two of them? They don’t stand a goddamned chance. It’ll be the quickest main event in the history of Mile High Wrestling.”

You know they’ve only had three cards.”

Shut the fuck up. Listen, Scrubs is an unproven piece of crap and Hamilton is a fucking choke artist. She gets to the main and fucking chokes on her own goddamned ego.”

Candi stands up and lifts Lara’s hair to check out her stitches, “You did good out there tonight.” She lets the hair fall back down and walks towards the door.

Thanks, mom.”

Candi opens the door, “I’ll see you in a couple days. Try not to fall into any more toilets before you get there and take a goddamned shower before you get on the fucking plane.” Candi steps out of the door.

Hey doc.”


Knock knock.”

Who’s there?”


The doc laughs, “I am not going there.”

God damned. Does everyone know that one?”