Jensen’s Journal – June 3, 2018

June 3, 2018
San Jose, California

It’s been a very long, very busy week for Jansen. She spent Hell Week at Rose City Academy being tortured and abused (at least those were her words for what occurred last week at the Academy.) Saturday, she struggled to fit into that dress for Sloane’s wedding, with each and every turn she made something ached and now she’s just arrived in San Jose for tomorrow night’s IWF Monday Night Sacrifice.

It’s been a struggle for her, having her first pro match only a week ago against the much more talented Tay Kamryn and Mizuki Nakata, which she came up the short end of the stick. She took the loss after being beaten by both of the competitors, however afterwards she was complimented. Those who spoke to her backstage told her the match was far better than they expected it to be and that made her feel very good about it after all.

Her second match comes tomorrow against someone named Vesna. She’s not certain who that is and she’s tried to find some information about her online but either she isn’t searching the right criteria or there’s nothing to see.

She knows she should go online and say something. At least put her face out there so she’s not completely unknown walking into the arena so she touches up her make up just a bit as she sits on the bed in her hotel room and shrugs. She reaches for her phone and she pulls up her Facebook app and goes live.

“Hi everyone!”

Well that sounded lame, but no sense in stopping now.

“I’ve just arrived in San Jose for my first match with IWF and I’m super excited to meet everyone!” Did she always sound this chipper? God, they are going to eat her alive tomorrow.

“I’m looking forward to stepping into the ring with Vesna and I hope to give her the match of her life. I’ll do my best so I just ask that everyone cheer me on and maybe it’ll be enough to encourage me to get the pinfall win on Vesna!”

She pauses for a moment, cursing herself for not practicing or something before going live. Biff is gonna kill her when he sees this.

“Vesna! I’m sure you’re a very strong and a great competitor, but I’m not coming to lose! I’m coming to win!” Hopefully, “By the time our match is over, everyone will remember my name! Jansen Myrrh! I’ll see you tomorrow night!”

She clicks off the feed and falls back on her bed, groaning loudly. Pathetic. That was the worst. She glances at her Twitter feed and then sighs, putting her phone down on the bed.

“God, I’m pathetic,” she murmurs under her breath.