The Monster Chronicles – May 29, 2018

May 28, 2018
El Paso, TX

Immediately following the main event of Monday Night Hell for HCW in El Paso and Anaquin Adams was sitting in the medical bay being attended to as they place stitches into her forehead. Her match with Tyke Index, the World Champion, was the bloodiest match she’s been involved in quite some time and she was itching for me.

No. She didn’t win. But she took him to the limit. Then the Giant appeared and that was all she remembered until she was brought back here and woken up. Biff Franklin, current GM for HCW strolled into the bay, “So, figured the evil clown getup wasn’t scary enough that you had to add stitches as well?” He’s always a sarcastic ass, but she paid him no mind.

When she didn’t respond, he holds up his phone. “So, didn’t think it was important enough to let me know you’re taking outside gigs? You’re the Pure Champion and I need you here defending your title. Can’t do that if you’re off playing ultraviolence with the whacky cast of characters from the Munsters.”

“You needn’t worry about me. I will be here to defend your precious title. I need this to satisfy a particular craving I have now and again. Bloody Icon will give that to me. What information do you have?” she asks as stitch by stitch gets put into her head, closing up the wound.

Biff glances at his phone and scrolls through and makes a face, “Well it says you’re fighting some guy known as Masatake Kawamata in a match that is called Lightbulbs and Ladders.”

A grin crosses the face of the Monster as she almost nods her head, but remembers she’s being stitched. “Sounds formidable. I’ll have to scout him and see just what he brings to the table. I imagine he wouldn’t be in this match if he didn’t long for the same thing that I longed for.”

“More stitches?” Biff asks with a smirk.

“The taste of someone else’s blood.

“You seem pretty chipper for someone who just got her head bashed in and then beaten up by a 7 foot tall wrestler.”

She glances up at the GM and lifts her shoulders, “The Giant I will take care of at Bitter Enemies. Sign the match, whatever you want and put the title up. I will show him that size is only in the mind, but Monsters are very very real.”