Adventures With Candi – May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018
Spokane, WA

Anya may already be in Denver but Candi Bratton is no where near Denver at the moment, even just one day prior to the event. Having had to spend the day assisting one of her daughter’s in dealing with a sick child, she got a late start and realized she was going to have to fly.

Problem is, Candi Bratton hates flying.

Unfortunately for her, the federal government has stated in far more legal terms that when flying Candi Bratton cannot be Candi Bratton without getting herself barred from ever entering the airport again. She actually has to behave herself. Why she waits at the terminal waiting for her flight to board, she manages to somehow bring up the latest and greatest by her opponent in tomorrow night’s match, The Deserted Peach, or some such nonsense.

“I don’t know why the fuck she’s getting on my case for not fucking sending in something. I could care less when she sends something in. Must be goddamned guilt, if you ask me,” she mutters under her breath. An elderly woman glances in her way and frowns at the profanities being uttered by the wrestler. Candi is all class when she flips the lady the bird must to her dismay.

“This bitch thinks I only have one finisher. Little does she know…” Candi responds as if somehow Anya can hear her as her video continues to play. “She fucking thinks because she’s younger, faster, stronger that she can beat me! What a hoot! This bitch has lost her mind. She can be all of those things, but motherfucker, I’m smarter. Smarter wins, every time.”

“Shh. Could you please stop swearing? There are children present.”

“Well, cover their ears. I’m sure they hear worse at school. Mind your fucking business,” Candi barks at the woman who finally just gets up and moves away. She finally finishes the video and then turns on her camera.

“So, don’t let me disillusion you about how highly you think about yourself. Don’t forget, I’ve wrestled more matches than you’ve had periods.” She stops and glances to the side. “What are you looking at? Never hear a woman talk about her period before? Fuck off.”

She looks back down at the camera, “You might always be faster than me, stronger than me and younger than me, but I goddamned promise you that once I get you on the mat, none of that shit matters. I’m gonna stretch you until you scream. Until you cry for mercy.”

“And for Christ’s sake, I didn’t even like the old you. Why does there have to be a new you? And what exactly does that fucking mean? I mean for crying out loud, this isn’t a fucking costume party. Just bring your ass to the ring, I’ll fucking stretch you with the Confessional. You tap. We go home.”

She grins, “Well, you go home and I move on to fight for the championship. And please, don’t be fucking naïve. There’s the good ones, the bad ones and the ones who just try to be fucking cool and fail. You’re obviously one of the good ones. Morals and all that shit. Well, goody motherfucking goody for you. Stand for the weak and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. What the fuck ever. I’ve made no bones whatsoever that I only look out for myself. I’ve got mouths to feed at home and I ain’t going to let some goody goody bitch girl take money out of my family’s mouth. I’ll do whatever it takes. Whatever it fucking takes to beat you and go on to win that championship. Championships equal more money. I don’t do this for the fun of it. I do it because I want to make money.”

She leans back in her chair as the announcement comes over the loud system that her flight for Denver is about to board, “It’s time for me to get on the plane so I can come beat your ass. But let’s get one thing perfectly clear. Civility is not my style. I’m not looking for friends and come tomorrow night, plan on looking at the lights while I clamp on the Confessional and practice your tapping out, if you wanna practice something useful.”

Candi stands up and grabs her bag as she begins to move towards the line. “Just a few hours away, bitch. But, I wouldn’t blame ya if you decided to spare yourself some pain. Don’t show up. Result will be the same, except you won’t have to cry. Save yourself the embarrassment, just like Three Live Crew from last week.”

“But go ahead and show up. Either way, I’m heading to the championship, bitch.”

She turns off the link so she can board her plane.