Adventures with Candi – May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018

Granted, it’s been a day since she saw Anya’s promo, all weepy and shit. She new nothing would be gained by rushing out and going on a tirade about the woman who most certainly had no problem blubbering on a worldwide television platform. But she woke up this morning and couldn’t get it out of her head. It was then that she realized one important thing.

She’s already the villain.

So, as her feed goes live, the view is a little awkward as she is apparently shopping. It seems that she’s placed her phone on the cart so that it looks up at her face as she pushes it down the aisle.

“You know what chaps my fucking hide, Anya?”

She disappears for a brief moment and then the sound of something crashing into the cart jolts the phone a little. “I find it awfully convenient that you’re going to get on this hear platform and cry and weep. You couldn’t have done it the day before, or the day after. You have to let your fucking emotions dictate when and where you do shit. I could stand here and tear apart your inconceivable weepy promo, but I’m not. You know why? Because bad shit happens to good people every goddamned day. There’s not a goddamned fucking thing you can do about it.”

Again, she stops the cart and she tosses a few more things into the cart and it begins to move as she comes back into view. “So, instead of focusing on the fucking shit that goes wrong in this goddamned world, I’m going to tell you all the wrong that’s going to happen to you in the main event of Mile High Wrestling.”

“You got a taste of what I can do last week, and when I watched it back on video — oh, my Lord! Your face got so red. I’m almost certain that was the reason for your goddamned blubbering, but if you insist it’s not, I’ll just have to believe you. But let me make one thing perfectly clear to you. I didn’t want to team with you, but I was fucking obligated to team with you and so I did. We needed to win the match, and I did. And I felt the need to put you in your high and mighty place, and I fucking did.”

“And one other goddamned thing, you say I showed my true colors? These are my colors. I don’t have any other colors. This is who the fuck I am. And to be honest, you were probably the only motherfucker on this planet who didn’t see it coming when I clamped on my Confessional. But hey, at least next time you’ll know better, right?”

The cart stops and she walks away but her voice is still heard. “Get me some of them steaks and some pork ribs.”

“How ya doing, Candi?”

“Roger, shut the fuck up. Just give me my order so I can get my ass out of this racket.”

“Geez, doing great here too Candi. Here you go.”

She walks over and drops the package into the cart. “Where were we?”

“So, this week, you and I are in the goddamned main event. And you’re welcome for that, bitch. But let me tell you that I don’t plan to come into that match with all the weight of the goddamned world on my shoulders. I’m coming in to beat your scrawny ass and then move onward to win the goddamned championship belt. And I’ll tell you one more thing,” she says as she makes it to the checkout line and moves around to begin to place the items on the belt, “Once I win that belt, I plan on running this bitch. I supposed if you want to try and stop me, I’ll see you this week.”

She finishes and reaches for her phone and she lifts it up now so her face can be seen, “But that ain’t going to happen. What will happen is that I’m going to make you cry. For real this time, bitch.”