Prankster’s Log – 2018.05.15


It’s just a few days after Violent Behavior 1 and Lara Bratton is still nursing a few wounds, so to speak as she picks up her hotel room. Sure, they have cleaning staff for that shit, but she was raised by her mama and besides, she’s a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness. She is throwing some clothing into the hamper when all of a sudden…

“Knock. Knock.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Lara’s about to tell the most amazing “knock knock” joke, but no. Unfortunately, that isn’t what is happening here, but if you’re a good little audience, she’ll more than oblige by the end of this amazing promo.

“Come on in, Trudy,” Lara says as she walks over and pulls the door open.

“Did ya see the Fight Union announcement today?” Trudy asks as she is flipping through her phone.

Lara furrows her eyebrows and shakes her head, “Not yet. I didn’t think there’d be any news for a few more days.”

“Check it out, you gotta face this Cyral guy in this tournament. Isn’t he the one that attacked you with his girlfriend…” Trudy starts to say, when Lara rolls her eyes and interrupts. “You mean his jealous bimbo?”

Trudy laughs and holds the phone so Lara can read. “So, I get another crack at the Union Championship after all. I just gotta get past Beardo.” Trudy laughs, “Where do you come up with this stuff?”

“It’s a talent.”

“Certainly is. So, why are you spending money on two rooms when we can just bunk?”

Lara deadpan looks at Trudy, “Cause you’re a pig.”

“I am not! How dare you!”

“I bet I walk to your room right now and you’ve got yourself a happy mess going on there, chick.”

“I do not. The cleaning service was just there. I am almost certain she was cursing me out in another language, though I couldn’t tell you which one.”

Lara laughs, shaking her head as she moves over to gingerly sit down on the bed. “I’d have strangled you by now if we bunked, for sure. Besides, I can’t get any action, if you’re always around.” She makes a few whiney sounds as she shifts herself into a seated position on the bed.

Trudy rolls her eyes as she walks over and picks up a bottle of ibuprofen and unscrews the cap, handing it to Lara with a glass of water, “Like you’re even trying to get any action. You haven’t even looked at a man since…”

Lara takes the items and then stops Trudy, “Say his goddamned name and I’ll punt you right in the crotch.”

“After watching your performance at VeeBeeOne, I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. But seriously,” Trudy continues, “Not one date? Not even a damn one night stand?”

“I don’t need a date, nor do I need any one night stands.” She reaches for the Outlaw Championship and cuddles it, “All I need is this guy right here.” She makes kissy sounds at it, “Ain’t that right, my sweet sweet championship?”

“He doesn’t talk back, I hope,” Trudy says dryly as she gets up and picks up the remote. “So what’s your plan with Billy the Goat on the next show. He’s pretty pissed at you, I’ve noticed.”

Lara places the belt across her lap and shrugs, “Look, I am not taking him lightly, that’s for sure. I need to come up with a plan. Something ingenious. Something no one would…” Lara’s eyes brighten as she looks at her friend.

“I don’t like that look. I’ve never liked that look. You’re cooking up one of your hair-brained schemes, aren’t you?”

“Who me?” Lara bats her eyelashes at her friend and gives her most innocent look. “Why I would never, dear lady. You choose to soil my reputation?”

Trudy just stares at her and then they both start laughing.

“So, what do you have in mind?”

Lara grins, “First let me tell you a joke.”

Trudy groans. “Fine.”

Lara starts, “Knock. Knock.”

Trudy pauses and warily responds, “Who’s there?”

Lara smiles and says, “Nantucket.”

Trudy holds up her hands, “No way!” as they both start to laugh as the scene fades.


Scene changes the view of a carnival and someone is holding a phone as the video goes live on Lara’s Twitter feed. We see a view of her back, dressed as she typically in in her torn jacket, punk rock t-shirt and shredded jeans look. She is swinging her cane around as she moves through the crowd, though careful she is to not hit anyone she passes by when her voice is suddenly heard.

“Cyral. Oh, Cyral the Beardo. Hey there, darling. Seems you and I have some unfinished business to attend to at Violent Behavior the Second. It’s as if VB1 had a little boy and they named him Junior. Which is apropos because you see, it’s going to be more of the same as the original.”

She finally turns around and we see that her face is painted up again, much as it is when she is out in public as her wrestling persona. White with dark mascara that drips down her face like black tears and red lipstick to contrast the white. She gives a little pouty face.

“You attacked me during my match for the Union Championship. It hurt my little feeling. Yes, feeling because I only have one and you managed to hurt it. I have no earthly idea what I may have done to provoke you.”

She blinks her eyes cutely as she moves closer to the camera. She uses her cane to reach over and pluck a stuffed Pikachu from the game booth, which apparently no one notices as she holds it out, “If I give you a little present, will you be nice to me?”

She grins and hands it off to a kid walking by, “Here kid, don’t tell your mom you stole it.”

He grins, “Gee, thanks lady. Why are you dressed like that?”

“Just shuddup and move along, brat,” she mutters under her breath as the kid shrugs and moves along.

“Where we we? Oh yeah, that stupid jealous girlfriend of yours. I knew there could only be one reason you would attack me.” She nods her head and leans in really close.

“Whipped much, Beardo? Just cause you’re little side chick there don’t like me, you gotta do what she says?” She spins around and starts to walk off, “What a pussy,” she mutters under her breath.

“Well, how about you leave the missus at home and we handle this mano on prankster at the VB2 event, there, Flintstone? Bring your big giant club with you too and you’re pet dinosaur as well. The result will most certainly be the same, Captain Caveman.”





She holds up one finger.


She holds up another.


She holds up a third and then drops the outside two to flip the bird.

She spins back around towards the camera. “I’ll see you, buddy-boy, at the Tech Noir.”

She gives her cane a spin as she starts to walk off, but turns back as she remembers to add, “Prepare to be Terminated.”